Basil, Chilli and Crab Spaghetti Recipe

Bonjour monsieur crabe (1)

I love crab, perfect for welcoming in the sunny days of spring and so light and fresh. Here’s a yummy and speedy crab spaghetti recipe to try. I used crab claws but frankly if you can get hold of ready prepared crab meat then this would be even easier. Nothing that glam about all those shells! Combined with fresh, zesty lemon and basil this is the perfect lunch menu for two – don’t forget le muscadet.

Here’s what you need –

200g spaghetti

3 crab claws or pre prepared white crab meat

Glass of white wine

1 lemon

2 garlic cloves

Handful of basil

1 red chilli

Olive Oil

Sea salt and black pepper


First off, preheat your oven to 150c and without peeling them, pop your garlic cloves on a baking dish in 1/2 cm of water. Bake for approximately 45 minutes or until starting to brown – you want the garlic to be mushy inside like a paste. See above…

At the same time, if you’re using claws, crack them open with crab pliers or (heaven forbid) a tea towel and hammer! Or a combination of both. I find it useful to use a skewer aswell for getting the tender meat out from the pincer.



While you are doing this, bring a pan of salted water to the boil and cook your spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. Remove half a ladle full of the cooking water and keep aside. Drain and leave the spaghetti in a colander.

In a deep frying pan, add a drizzle of olive oil then the garlic and sliced chilli, squashing the garlic down into a paste in the pan as it heats up. Add a glass of white wine ( and pour one yourself, pourquoi pas!) Add the reserved pasta water to the pan and bubble for a few minutes. Squeeze in half the lemon and add salt and pepper to taste. Finally add the pasta and stir in the crab meat. Shred the basil and add to the pan.

And serve with an extra drizzle of olive oil and a wedge of lemon…


bon appetit xxx


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