Mimosa Memos Podcast Wk 1 Cocooning


Welcome to Mimosa Memos Podcast. In week 1 I’m talking about Cocooning because, well, what better time to cocoon yourself than winter!

Well being podcast, French lifestyle podcast

gerund or present participle: cocooning
  1. 1.
    envelop in a protective or comforting way.
    “we felt cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags”
    Here are some links to things I love right now X

Grey Merino wool french style throw

Gorgeous Merino Wool Blanket £125 John Lewis

Luxury French style scented candle
Deliciously elegant Patchouli by Diptyque from £47 John Lewis
Linen French style cushion
Peaceful Linen Cushion in Putty from £30 John Lewis
Copper wired fairy lights
Copper wired fairy lights from Amazon £6.99
orange blossom essential oil
Delicious Orange Blossom Essential Oil from Amazon £14.99

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