5 Trusted Skincare Tips for Winter Skin

winter skincare tips VaselineWow, it’s getting cold, isn’t it?! As soon as the winter rolls around I make sure I start my cold-weather skincare regime – after all, prevention is better than cure, right? It’s not just the freezing temperatures outside but also the drying effects of heating inside that can play havoc with skin.

Here are some trusted skincare tips to keep you glowing all season long.

How to Protect Against Cold Winds

Harsh winds can leave me with chapped, cracked lips and even windburn if I don’t prep my skin before I leave home. There’s no need to panic on blustery days, though, as a slick of petroleum jelly will do the trick.

You might have questions about this, like how should I apply it, and is petroleum jelly safe? Firstly, be generous with it on your lips, and don’t be afraid to reapply. As for the question is petroleum jelly safe, you can rest easy – there are no known common petroleum jelly side effects. It’s unlikely to cause a reaction, and more than likely to protect your lips.

Make Moisturising a Priority

winter skincare tips Vaseline

The dual effect of dry heat indoors and cold temperatures outdoors combine to strip skin of moisture. Keep yours hydrated by committing to a twice-daily moisturising routine. Slather on your moisturiser of choice in the morning, and then again at bedtime.

Keep an eye on how your skin is faring during the day too, and top up when necessary. Your parched skin will definitely thank you for it.

Follow a Simpler Skincare Regime

Following a focused skincare routine is important whatever the time of year, but in cold weather it’s even more crucial. Start off by using a gentle cleanser to remove oil, dirt and makeup, then apply moisturiser and allow it to settle in.

The final and crucial step, winter, spring summer or Autumn is to apply a broad spectrum suncreen and allow it to sink in properly before applying makeup.

You might also want to consider an overnight skin perfecting treatment of your choice, and regular chemical exfoliation to clear blocked pores and remove dead skin cells.

Stay Away from the Heat

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot bath in the cold winter months, but that can actually create more problems for your skin, particularly your scalp. Very hot water is a no-no at any time of year, but in the winter it’s even more of a shock to the system.

Go for a warm shower or bath, and keep it on the short side. Cool showers actually help reduce the chance of a flaky scalp, so if you can bear it, try to do that now and again too.

Keep Fit and Hydrated

winter skincare tips Vaseline

As tempting as it is to hunker down under a blanket until spring comes, it’s important to keep up with your exercise regime. Working out will help flush out those toxins, which plays a big part in keeping your skin clear and healthy.

The same goes for staying well hydrated, as water will keep your skin – and the rest of your body – on top form. If a glass of water is too cold for you in wintertime, try fruit teas or a cup of warm water. That can help aid digestion too.

Follow these 5 winter skincare tips and your skin will be well prepared to face everything winter has to throw at it. x

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