5 Winter Interior Style Hacks to Try

Well, winter is finally upon us isn’t it? Brrr. Time to cosy up your home space with warmth, texture and some beautiful scents.

Here are 5 Winter Interior Style Hacks to Try this month –


Eucalyptus winter decor

Strangely enough, I almost always ask for perfume at Christmas time, because, for me, scent in the colder months of the year is so important when there are so many less lovely smells around in nature. In my Whatsapp group with my besties we have been discussing perfumes and we all seem to like different things and associate memories with particular bottles of scent over the years. I love the way that a certain smell can cast your mind back to a moment in time in such detail.

Which brings me to one of my favourite smells of this season, Eucalyptus. When I am styling shoots, I often get Eucalyptus involved because not only do I love the blue green tinge to the leaves but the smell is just glorious aswell. Fresh, crisp and so very clean and green. My favourite way to display sprigs is in a tall glass jar with fairylights- I have two really lovely old sweet jars I got from an antique dealer a few years ago and they are just perfect for a few leggy stems of Eucalyptus. If cut flowers are not your thing, my new favourite way to enjoy the scent is with essential oils, although much stronger of course. These are so cheap to buy and can easily be turned into a fantastic room spray to add that rich warmth of Eucalyptus to your interior. Simply add about 10 drops to a small amount of some neutral alcohol like vodka and spray away ( being careful of the dog’s eyes! ). My current favourite combination is eucalyptus and lemon. So relaxing!

2. A Darker Palette

Dark Fireplaces

As you may have gathered from the many shots of my house on the blog, I don’t have lots of colour in our home. The reason for this is quite simply that I find too much colour a bit tiring to live with. While I absolutely love and appreciate it, I just prefer to limit colour in my home surroundings. So, in summer our house, which is painted mostly in white and grey is flooded with natural light. In the winter, when the sun is that much lower in the sky and the days are short, I do prefer to bring out a few of my darker toned accessories. This year, I took it a whole step further and actually painted the fireplace charcoal. Good lord we love it. This, a roaring fire in the woodburner and my copper wired fairylights on and I’m in 7th heaven on a Sunday afternoon! Try for yourself and see how much cosier your living room feels with some darker shades for winter.


Metallic candles

By bling, I am talking of course about table bling. We always bring out the candles for Sunday lunch and my favourites are second hand ones in gold. Here is a photo shoot I did for Pheasant Plucker and Son a couple of years ago and I just love the elegance a bit of metallic brings to a winter table.

4.Natural Wool

fabulous Fleece Company

Image : The Fabulous Fleece Company

So, right up there on my wishlist this season are some sheepskins! I know…but not your 70s type. What could be more belle than a rarebreed sheepskin from The Fabulous Fleece Company on your kitchen chair while tucking into your eggs benedict? These beauties start from £65 – WANTED!

While you have to be a tad careful of spillages and muddy paws on natural wool, I do love a pure wool rug for winter. Remember this piece on Sukhi Moroccan rugs I did? This beautiful rug has pride of place in front of my fire in winter, when I can get Wilbur off it!

Sukhi Moroccan Rugs

5.Lamps, the larger the better!

cosy lighting

Finally, a word on lighting. Every winter I have to add a few more lamps to our living room to account for the lack of light in the evenings. Either that or I need verifocals! The hands down simplest way to add lashings of cosiness is always in my humble view, with lamps. Opting for just ceiling spots is just way to cold and pendant lighting I always just find a bit too in your face. So, if you are going to add light, add lamps, go for natural hues on the shades and of course, the bigger they are, the better the diffusion of light. I love this French style lampshade in white or neutral from the wonderful people at John Lewis.French style linen lamp

Bisous X

OOh, PS, my very first Mimosa Memos Podcast will be live on the blog next Wednesday so keep an ear out and please let me know what you think of it! X

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