6 Of The Best French Style Wall Decor

I’ve got a bit of a blank space in my kitchen above the table so I’ve been searching around for the right kind of French style wall decor to fill it.

It’s a tricky one, a mirror can be a bit off putting ( noone needs visual evidence of themselves eating cake ) but then mirrors can be brilliant for reflecting light in a small space like ours. A picture can seem fussy but then can also be a real talking point while some lovely lighting can completely transform the look and feel. Sometimes I just like the decluttered feel that having nothing there at all brings! Decisions decisions.

I love Maisons du Monde, I think they have some really lovely home furnishings to add a nice little French touch to home. Always a fan of online shopping, I looked to them for a bit of kitchen inspo!

Here’s six of the best French style wall decor objets I could find.

  1. Carved Wall Art

French style wall décor

Cambronne Resin Wall Décor £74.95, Maisons du Monde

2. Wall Lights

French style grey wall lights

Marigny Greyed Metal Wall Lights £59.99 Maisons du Monde

3. Ornate French Style Wooden Mirror

Ornate French style wooden mirror

Oliveraie Mirror £179.90 Maisons du Monde

4. Trompe D’oeil Window Mirror

Trompe d'oeil Window Mirror

Vaucluse Window Mirror, £149.90 Maisons du Monde

5. Contemporary Wire Clock

Contemporary Wire Clock

Origami Metal Clock, £39.99 Maisons du Monde

6. A Stylish Kitchen ChalkboardStylish Kitchen Chalk Board

Anjou Blackboard, £99.99 Maisons du Monde

Which type of French wall decor would you choose?

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  1. Kate Evans

    Hello Katie, Wow! Really, it is a very beautiful blog. I like french style wall decoration. It looks great. I will surely try this decor for my home. You have shared such an awesome blog. Thanks for sharing.

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