6 Blooming Lovely Floral Prints Right Now

While the garden might be reaching the end of it’s glorious blooms, late summer fashion is bursting full of lovely floral prints. From flower dresses, women’s tops to floral jumpsuits, there’s a floral print piece for every woman’s wardrobe style.

With so many floral prints in women’s at the moment, choose a pretty print to wear with sandals now or to walk into Autumn in with your comfy white trainers.

Here’s 6 Floral Prints I love right now.

Try pairing florals with stripes, khaki or denim for a more casual outfit feel.

These are just a few of my favourites at the moment, I hope you liked them.

If you’re unsure about how to wear florals, here are my tips on wearing blooms for the first time.

1.Try to choose a subtle background colour if you are new to floral prints. If a bold bright yellow flowery dress terrifies you then think about muted colours like navy or cream as a background to the floral print.

2.If you feel a one piece like a floral jumpsuit or a dress makes you feel like you have too much print on you then try a nice blouse or chiffon floral print shirt to dip your toe in.

3.If you’re larger on the top then think about wearing your floral print on the bottom half and vice versa if you are conscious of a big bust.

4.Break up the pattern close to your face with a statement necklace, this is a great way to ensure your floral print sparkles!

5.Bring out your features and natural colouring with makeup to harmonise with your print. If you feel a print is wearing you, then opt for a heavier eye. If the print is pale you might want to consider a fun, pop of colour on your lips to make sure you really blossom.

Happy Shopping X

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