A New Year, A New You?

Love French Style BlogWell hello everybody! Happy New Year to you! Did you have a lovely time? We are feeling the cold and like we need to hibernate, save money and eat less pork and pastry goods.

Did you make any NY resolutions? I’m not a fan, why lie to yourself? However, I do think that the new year is a fresh start and so a few promises to self can never do any harm. isn’t it time to shine? Whatever you’re up to, I hope this year is your year. Here are 5 little wishes from myself for myself x

Ditch The Procrastination

I am terrible for this, I truly am.  I promise to myself in 2019 just to go for it. That means applying for all the partnerships, collaborations and opportunities that arise and giving back the same opportunities to other people.

Wave Goodbye to Worry

Easier than it sounds, but I intend to stop worrying about everything all the time. It’s pointless and makes me feel crap.

Stop Dieting

I was SO ill after Christmas with some kind of gastric flu that I am just appreciating feeling well to be honest. Then, there were two funerals when we got back to France. So, no dieting, not at all I’m afraid this year. Just healthy, happy, wholesome living.


As everyone does, I think I would really like to try to save money this year. So, that means reusing things we already have more and buying less new stuff. It has to be possible doesn’t it?

Take Time

Whether that is to look at the game, book or toy that my six year old is desperately trying to get me involved with or taking time to complete things properly, take care of house, home and health – I am ON IT!

Wishing you a happy and healthy year one and all, be your best self in 2019 X


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