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I’m Katie Anderson, welcome to my French Interior Style and French Lifestyle Blog Love French Style. I’m an English speaking French Interiors Writer and French Lifestyle Blogger but in my previous life I was a community journalist for the BBC, so I love a good story!

I live in a tiny village in South West France where everyone knows my name and old ladies ride tandem on tractors with their pinnies tucked into their knickers – it’s a peaceful way of life full of simple, beautiful things to see, eat and do. I’m a writer, wife, co-owner of a beautiful restaurant and mother to one amazing little boy.

What’s Love French Style Blog About?

When we first moved to France we lived in a ruin, you could see the stars at night from the bathtub and for a whole winter we slept in coats. I understand how creating a beautiful home on a budget can be challenging – I spent all my time in the wreck creating nice vistas to stop me from going insane.

Here on Love French Style Blog I share with you my tips on how to create a welcoming French Style Home and share my secrets on how to enjoy a simple, beautiful life, wherever you are in the world.

Love French Style In The Press

Katie Anderson in Charente Libre Aug 2020

Katie Anderson in Charente Libre July 2016

Rustic Luxe Living

French interior Style is my passion but so is family life  I love a bit of  opulence and luxury but my favourite French style home is simple and rustic; I like to call it the Rustic Luxe look – a natural wood table with crisp vintage white linens, hand-picked roses and sparkling glassware is my dream come true. Great style needn’t cost the earth, I’m a huge fan of repurposing and will show you how simply choosing the right paint colours and moving the possessions you already own around, you can transform your home into the place you always dreamed of.

Stylist in France French lifestyle blogger

Le Weekend Mag

Once a month I publish a quick, easy to read roundup of things I’m loving in Le Weekend Mag. It’s short and sweet for you to catch up with quickly on the train home or with your aperitif on a Friday night! I hope you enjoy reading!

Stylist in France French lifestyle blogger

Made in Charente Podcast About France

Have you listened to Made in Charente Podcast yet?

Made in Charente Podcast

My award winning bilingual podcast Made in Charente Podcast is available on Itunes, and here on the blog. It features interviews in French and English with the people that make La Charente so special.

This series introduces you to the people that make my little corner of France so special. Some episodes are in French and others in English. You can catch up with all the episodes here.

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I only ever write about products I really love, sometimes these are paid posts or sponsored posts. Rest assured, the opinions I have on these items are always my own and I only ever feature things that are in keeping with the style of this blog. I always put this sign at the foot of post when this is the case just so you know.

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