How Accessories Can Change Your Look

January isn’t exactly the best month to go in for an image overhaul is it? After all the expense of Christmas, the last thing you need is to be splashing out on new clothes if you don’t have to. Especially if one your new year resolutions was to save money! Let’s not go breaking them before we’ve even reached the end of the month!

If you want to update your style you can change how you look by making better use of the accessories you have at your disposal. Here are some top tips on saving pennies on new clothes by changing your look with accessories instead.

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Make Time For A Watch 

There are few things more satisfying than a well deployed watch – the image of class and sophistication. When you find a really great model, it can draw attention to your outfit and add and entirely new dimension to your look, as well as make you appear like someone that likes to be punctual! That’s why you’ll see any good fashionista wearing a perfectly suiting watch – so take time to find the one that you think is versatile enough and stylish enough to work really well for you. 

How accessories can change your look

Belt Up

Belts may seem a bit of a 90s choice to update your look, but a great belt can add the final touch of finesse to any outfit and bring your wardrobe together beautifully. Shop around from the best priced high street finds to a really luxurious leather belt. Cinch in, belt up, high waisted or boyfriend, a great belt will become your go to accessory, like a faithful friend!

Killer Glasses and Hat Combo 

Accessorising well is not all about jewellery and belts! The perfect combination of stylish glasses and a fabulous hat will make you look and feel  incredible. It’s already an essential part of summer styling, so start working on it in other months too. See what you can find at Garrett Leight Glasses to get started or why not spend a Saturday hat shopping, fabulous fedoras, beautiful berets or bonny beanies, the choice is yours. 

In The Bag

How accessories can change your look

The right bag can really make a statement. When pairing your bag with an outfit try to choose one that will contrast with what you’re already wearing.  If there’s one accessory that’s worth spending a considerable sum of money on in order to get real quality, it’s a good bag. Need any more excuses to shop one?

Pin Ups 

If you’re a fan of monochrome, add a splash of colour and personality with a striking brooch, corsage or pin. A simple touch with a big impact.

Top to Toe

Bags, scarves, jewellery, whatever your favourite accessory – make sure you do any outfit justice with a great pair of shoes aswell. So important for making a good impression and an accessory that can literally change the look and feel of an outfit in a flash. Pair yours well and see the difference it makes to your wardrobe mileage.

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