How To Add French Country Charm To Your Modern Home with Talissa Decor

French country style homeFrench country is one of the most popular decorating styles around the world today. It perfectly blends old world style and elegance with comfort and simplicity. You won’t have to spend a fortune to transform even the most modern house into a French country dream home. You can easily capture this timeless style by including some of these elements in your home:

Soft Colours

French country focuses on softer colours and more delicate patterns, which has become a popular choice for families trying to balance the chaos in their busy lives. French country decor is filled with soft colours, such as icy blues, golds and rich creams. It also includes softer accents, such as pretty fringes, laces and decorative trims to add an elegant finish. Many designers choose to keep the walls and most of the large furniture white, while adding other soft colours through accessories and room accents. For example, you could have a white sofa and add some large gold, lacy throw pillows for a simple, but elegant look in your living room.

Cosy Furniture

The French country style is all about comfort. You can completely transform the dining room of your home by adding more comfort to your table. Skip the traditional hard-backed seating and instead go for comfy armchairs and benches. This is a cosy and casual combination that will be sure to have everyone clamoring for an invite to your next dinner party.

How to add French country style to a modern home

Rustic Metal Accents

Wrought iron and rustic metal can easily add some French country charm to any room in your house. Consider adding a wrought iron headboard to your master bedroom. Or include some metal candleholders in your living or dining room decor.

Faux Country

Many designers use statement pieces and decorative faux to help achieve the French country look. For instance, you could include a large kitchen island made from recycled materials to add a statement to your kitchen. Another idea would be to install faux leather ceiling or wall panels to completely change the look of a room in your home. You could use the wall panels to create a faux leather headboard in your bedroom or for use behind a television in your main living area. Check out Talissa Decor for some ideas on how to use faux leather panels in your home.

Faux leather panels

Distressed Look

Another popular element of French country decor is to include distressed furniture in your home. The distressed look is incredibly popular because it can add character to any room. You can achieve this look by either taking the time to look for unique pieces at garage sales and thrift stores, or by sanding down newer furniture and painting it to look like it’s older. HGTV has a great guide on how to do this on their website. View it here.

How to add French country charm to a modern home


Do you have any interior brick or wood in your home? You can whitewash it to add French country flair and make the room more interesting. Common choices for using this technique include whitewashed cabinets, headboards, signs and other furniture throughout your home.

Make It Happen

French country style decor is easy to achieve and more affordable than you would think. Get inspired by looking at ideas on popular design sites like HGTV and Pinterest. Then skip the pricey furniture stores and spend some time browsing your local thrift store instead. Click here for more French country inspiration.

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