Add Instant French Style Elegance With These 5 Top Tips

French Style Elegance


We’ve all been there, feeling that everyone has a stylish home and you don’t. Has all this time at home left you feeling like you need to make your home more elegant or that it lacks ambiance?

As many of you know, I have lived in every kind of condition of housing since taking the plunge and moving to France in 2003. Our first home had holes in the roof and we could see the stars, and the frost settling from the bed! Our second home was barely habitable with an unflushing loo but a major improvement by comparison and our third home that we are not quite in yet will require some serious creative thinking to get it how we like it! It is currently full of scary lace dolls and stuffed ferrets!!!! So, I’m by no means one of these wealthy homemakers with a bottomless pit of cash. But, I know how to make things nice and homely and stop that feeling of wanting to run away somewhere else!!! I love the simple French touches I’ve learnt along the way.

Even if you are mid renovations, I’ve discovered there are 5 Key Things To Make a Home More Elegant and you can do them straight away. Whatever your living conditions these will make you feel like you are living a more comfortable and elegant life, I promise. Here they are…

1.Don’t Hoard this might sound basic but honestly I have moved house taking along with me all manner of junk over the years and I still have plenty! Seriously learning to declutter your life will honestly, I guarantee make you feel so much better about where you’re living. If there’s one thing that living in lockdown has taught me, it’s that humans need a little space around them in order not to lose their shit. Even if your home is a studio, try to nominate every corner a space for something ie, coats and shoes neatly arranged under the stairs, bottles always by the bin etc. Simple I know but then there’s more room for prettifying other areas once the basics are in place.

2. Keep Basic Room Colours to a Minimum of 2 unless you are really talented at marrying up lots and lots of colours, I would seriously recommend sticking to two base colours and then adding your accents with no more than 3 more. You’ll feel instantly calmer and more zen in your home with a simpler palette of colours to ease your eyes and calm your mind.

3. Don’t Over Accessorize Accessories don’t make a home so don’t over do it buying lots and lots of decorative items that you’ll then need to find a place for! Far better to invest in some great wall art, this can totally change the style of a space, particularly to add ambiance in a living room. Over the years I’ve found it really therapeutic to occasionally empty a space and then add back in only what I really like to bring those elements to life and let them be showcased without loads of clutter around them. You’ll be amazed at how much more you love your things when you put them in a different place, more on that coming soon.

4.Airing Totally understated in my view! Every morning I challenge you to fling open your windows, even in winter and let the fresh air in. Our French Dr is a massive advocate of this to keep a healthy body and mind and I agree. Just as you feel revitalised after a brisk walk, your home, however opulent or humble will love you for it too. It stands to reason to let old air and energy out, let go of any bad feelings or smells!!! and start each day anew.

5.Fresh Flowers and Fragrance you don’t have to spend a fortune to allow yourself the luxury of sccent or some cheerful fresh blooms. Maybe you’re good with houseplants? I’m not but that’s not to say I don’t love the fresh boho look that’s so popular at the moment with hanging planters and simple white and black decor.

For a really rustic look, I just prefer to pick whatever you have in the garden and arrange them in a pretty jar on the windowsill or on the coffee table. You don’t need to have a flower garden, this could be herbs, branches cow parsley from the dog walk or a summer plant that needs shelter inside when it’s cold. I love using essential oils in my house as fragrance, simply mix a few drops with mineral water and spritz your favourite scents like eucalyptus or rose around early evening for a fraction of the price of an expensive scented candle, with well being benefits too!

Happy Homemaking! X

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