Autumn DIY Project : Painted Herb Planters in Paloma Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Painting plat pots Paloma Annie SloanOur garden here in France is looking a little tired after the long hot summer. The grass is a tad dry and tinged by the heat of the sun and now all the petals are beginning to tumble from our roses and hollyhocks,I’m longing for a pop of colour. Aside the beautiful Autumn leaves, the garden seems a bit drab after all the colourful blooms in the summer. That’s why this Autumn I thought it would be nice to have a little upcycling project in the pipeline to cheer up our kitchen windowsill!

Upcycled wooden crate plant holders

Above – I loved this little upcycle from earlier in the summer from an old drinks crate found at the tip!

What I really love about upcycling is the fact you get to give a second life to an item you no longer need or use. I’m always aware that we buy way too many things for home when in fact there are so many things that we can re-love if you just think more sensitively about its use.

Painting plat pots with Annie Sloan Paloma

These metal pots have held razors, toothbrushes and lord knows what else in our bathroom for ages. You know how you end up just using something you hate just because you’ve got nowhere else to keep all the junk you hide in it? Well this was certainly the case here and one day I’d just had enough of it! So in the bin it all went and out with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and brushes!

painting plant pots with annie sloan paloma

I chose Annie Sloan Paloma for this project, not a colour I would ordinarily go for as it has the merest hint of purple in it that I find a bit too feminine. That said, once I applied the first coat of paint I realised the colour is more of a mink shade than a purple shade, and that in actual fact, I’m loving it!

painting plant pots with annie sloan paloma

What I love about Annie Sloan paint for this type of project is the fact you really don’t have to be too neat or fussy about the finish. Even if a tiny bit of the original colour peeps through in parts it only adds to the character, a bit like verdigris on metalware.

Below – Once painted with two coats I then applied a clear wax to seal, followed by the dark wax to add an aged finish.

Paloma plant pots Annie Sloan

I’m so pleased with the overall colour and look of these, I’ve recently just repainted the exterior windows and doors in Farrow and Ball Hardwick White and I think the two colours look really nice together. painting plant pots with annie sloan palomaPainting up your planters for Autumn not only gives them a little refresh but it means you can have some nice tasty herbs and flowers close to hand when you can’t spend so much time outdoors. The beauty of using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it makes painting and decorating a quick and easy task with near enough instant results as it dries so quickly. For more information on Annie Sloan paint courses, you can find Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockists in your local area here.

Upcycled anything beautiful recently? Share your project here x

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