A Beautiful Interior Starts with an Exquisite Exterior

With the promise of spring in the air ( she said hopefully ) we’re talking about rearranging our outside space to make better use of our French courtyard garden. From Pergolas and decorative trellis to outdoor seating, there’s a whole host of new summer inspired ways to add interest outdoors.

After all, first impressions count so spring is the perfect time to create a stunning entrance and exterior to your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started – 

A Fabulous Façade

Your outdoor space will depend a lot on the amount of garden space you have available to you.  With many different examples of architecture, ranging through decades and regions, your garden design options may well follow suite. To inspire you, it will be worth looking for open houses to visit in your area. Or you might be more adventurous and choose a contemporary garden design as a contrast to an older property.

I do sometimes find personally that while we try as much as we can to sympathetically restore our French home, sometimes, too much rustic on rustic creates a cluttered feel so we mix and match with clean lines and traditional features. 

As a homeowner, when you buy a home, you have the opportunity to dramatically change the way it looks to meet any style you like. Cladding is an exterior finish I love, adding a rustic country feel. Repainting render in more natural tones can add value and a more sophisticated finish as can cleaning up or painting brickwork. For some properties, simply changing the colour of your windows and doors can transform your home instantly.  

Lovely Landscaping

A lot of homes will have a small area of garden at the entrance. This is the perfect opportunity to improve the first impression of your home. If your current entrance is shapeless then one of the best ways to improve the looks of this part of the garden will be through some landscaping. Adding new levels, features, and plants to your space will start to make it come alive. If you’re willing to do some extra work, you could consider adding some gravel and other materials to really make a difference. A lot of people favour a water feature at the front of their home, as this will not only make it look smart, but will also create some nice soothing audio to greet you

There’s a surprising amount that you can do yourself but a lot of bigger jobs like this require tools like diggers, making it very dangerous to take on if you don’t have the right skills. To find the best people to help with this, it will be worth reading some reviews to get you started. From here, you can get a couple of quotes, giving yourself the chance to get the best deal for the work you want to have done. If you go to this sort of length, you will need to make sure you have the time to oversee the work being done.

Tasteful Decoration

There isn’t much worse than seeing an outdoor space which is too busy or lacks taste. To make this process easier, it can be worth looking for some inspiration. Websites like Instagram are perfect for this, with loads of images being posted by users each and every day. As a big part of this, tags are used to make things easier to search and find. This gives you access to loads of inspiration, while also helping to keep the area decorated in a way which will appeal to most people. For example searching Topiary or Decking will bring up a whole array of images to inspire you and get you on the road to start planning your exterior space.

Keeping It In Shape

Finally, as the last area to consider, part of your home’s outside beauty will be down to the work you put into keeping it in shape. Tidying the garden, cleaning windows, and making sure and everything stays looking fabulous can be time consuming but the failsafe way to keep your home looking tiptop. 

 Mowing the lawn , deweeding and touching up paintwork are all the little jobs that keeping on top off yourself can save time and money. If you’re really pressed for time then there are loads of companies out there which can perform weekly outdoor cleaning for you. These services are often charged on a pay as you go basis, and you won’t need to sign an awkward contract to get started. 


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