BEAUTY REVIEW : Caudelie Resveratrol Cashmere Lifting Cream

Why I love French Cosmetic Brand Caudelie

When I’m not writing for this blog I am part of a panel of beauty testers and bloggers who talk about new and innovative products in the beauty industry. I’m no beauty expert but I do keep a close eye on the trends and I couldn’t resist trying out the latest face cream from French cosmetic brand Caudelie. We talk a lot on the panel about all kinds of ingredients and I am always first to say that I enjoy something more natural but not in an ” essential oils ” kind of way.

Caudelie Spa Bordeaux

If you’ve not come across Caudelie before they make amazing skincare from the bi products of grapes from their vineyard near Bordeaux and also have a heavenly Caudelie beauty spa on site. Dreamy eh? What could be better than wine and pampering I hear you cry? Sorry to say, the products don’t actually contain wine but are filled with all the vitamins from the grape harvest and some pretty impressive magical ingredients too in conjunction with Harvard University to prevent premature ageing and promote a fresh, youthful complexion.

Caudelie Cashmere Lifting Cream

So, here is the latest product and the fact that it contains the word Cashmere is enough to get me onboard to be perfectly honest! Caudelie Resveratrol Cashmere Lifting Cream contains two incredible anti ageing ingredients – Vine Reveratrol and Halyuronic Acid. Caudelie claim that this, their latest product penetrates much deeper into the skin and has a cashmere like finish that’s smooth and soft to the touch. I love anything that implies a bit of cocooning, especially this time of year. Here’s a little video for more info on those magical ingredients…

I tried both the rich cream and the lighter version for day and both had great results. With a lovely, soft texture and gentle perfume I definitely noticed my skin feeling softer and firmer after just a couple of uses. I also tried out the Tisane for night which I found really rehydrating. I have particularly sensitive skin but the natural ingredients didn’t seem to cause any reaction and neither did the perfume.

Overall Love French Style blog gives this product a nice smooth 8/10

Shop Caudelie Cashmere here…

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