3 Best Friends : Jersey, Shaun Rankin and Top Style Tips

Hen weekends in Paris

Here’s me with my two best friends on my hen weekend in Paris in 2008. We’ve known each other since hippy trousers were in fashion and we dyed our hair red. We’ve waited for the school bus together in the rain, sat our GSCEs together, laughed, cried and laughed until we cried. We’ve worked together in tea shops, answered phones in call centres and muddled along nicely side by side all through growing up. 2016 makes us friends of 25 years and like three stinky cheeses, our friendship just gets better and better with each one.

best friends

Ahem…! I had the pleasure of meeting up with these two lovely ladies this weekend in Jersey. We spent a lot of time talking, finishing each other’s sentences and sharing our favourite things, ( that’s mostly eating, shopping and dancing on repeat ). We buy things at the same time, have the same likes and interests and all that sistership makes us feel very happy indeed. We always come away from our meetings together with loads of great tips and ideas.That might be discussing hoovers, high heels or saggy bottoms but usually something motivating for the coming year.

Here are a few fab things I took away from the inner circle this weekend, hope you like them too!

Ikea make a really great grey sofa for £500 ish.

Ikea Stocksund Grey Sofa

Ikea Stocksund Dark Grey Sofa £529

You may remember reading my post on Chic Charcoal Grey Living Rooms so you already know I am mad about grey. This is a really comfy seat, two cushions but cosy enough for three. Our three little kids loved hanging out on this and so much less of a panic about sticky fingers. The perfect sofa for three best friends, big or small.

Shaun Rankin has a fabulous restaurant in Jersey

Shaun Rankin restaurant in Jersey

Image: Ormer, Jersey

Ormer is Shaun Rankin’s restaurant in St Helier, Jersey. From the fab ” gentlemen’s club ” styling to the delicious set lunch menu, it’s a must place to visit if you happen to bob to the island. A discovery I made was that rhubarb is really great poached al dente, I’ve never had it like that before and it was delicious. They also make a mean Vodka Martini!

Dior Rosy Glow is a fabulous natural looking blusher

Where to buy Dior Rosy Glow

Probably because we were looking so exhausted from staying up so late nattering ( refer to second photo of us as evidence ), a favourite product we talked about this weekend is Dior Rosy Glow blusher. It looks like it would be way too pink to give you natural looking rosy cheeks but don’t be put off, it’s a fab little number to keep in your bag and add a bit of freshness back when you feel anything but! It’s not cheap at £31.50 but it lasts forever apparently. If you’re wondering where to buy Dior Rosy Glow, click here.

Crab and Guacamole is a marriage made in heaven

Jersey Crab Ideas

Fresh crab and spicy guacamole is such a delicious combination to try. It takes the fishiness out of eating crab tout seul and gives a nice little after kick too. Here is a lovely spicy guacamole recipe by Jamie Oliver.

Bloody Mary’s go really well with oysters!

How to make a Bloody Mary

Image BBC Good Food

Enough said. Here’s how to make a (spanking) Bloody Mary recipe!

A light box is a great kitchen decor idea

Where to buy a Light Box

From welcoming your house guests to leaving a loving message for yours truly, I think these are so cool. You could even test your French writing skills on one, you can pick up a funky lightbox for £33.61 on Amazon. Enjoy!

Positive people make things happen for themselves

Life is beautiful

We talked a lot this weekend about flying towards our fortieth birthdays wondering where on earth the past ten years have gone? It’s true, life starts to go pretty fast after 30 and you create your own destiny, so no point in moaning about stuff. Take yourself where you want to go and be and enjoy life to the full.

It’s really good to re connect with people you grew up with to remind yourself who you are and where you came from. I was reminded of this only yesterday when I stopped my car in town and helped an old man off the pavement, his friend was with him and equally frail but managed to shout at me from the other side of the street in French, ” he does this all the time on purpose you know! ” To which I responded carry on camping style Babs Windsor,  ” oh, so I’m not the only one to fall for his charm? ”

” Ha ha ha” the old fellow replied, ” I can never resist a pretty face ” and the pair of them walked off laughing up the street. Friendship is so important whatever age you are. No matter what you do and what stage you’re at in life, make sure you enjoy friendship as often as you can, it’s very therapeutic.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Next up, a sample sale of Breton Tops from Me + Em, don’t miss it!


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