Boden Stripes and Pashley Bikes – working the French Market look!

DSC_0076 Quite honestly, is there anything on this earth more beautiful? Sunny mornings, the scent of fresh coffee in the air and stall upon stall of juicy vegetables, bursting with ripeness.There’s only one way to do the market and that’s on a Pashley Bike – in the obligatory Boden Long Sleeve Breton Top. The basket is just perfect for a small shop and there’s room for a little one on the back too.

Based in Stratford Upon Avon since 1926, Pashley just keep coming up trumps with beautiful cycles, including a rather trendy looking Clubman Racer model. This is one brand of bike noone minds having clogging up the hallway, it is simply a joy to look at. This vivacious velo couldn’t be more British but how beautiful a Pashley Cycle looks on a French lane among the sunflowers and, aside on horseback it is the best way to get out with a toddler to see the countryside.

DSC_0078 Pashley claim that this particular model, Poppy is inspired by the English countryside and it’s easy to see why. There’s something that makes you sit up proudly on this beautiful bike, inspiring good posture, the need to holler “bonjour” or “a jolly good morning to you” on your rounds. That and a generally lovely warm fuzzy feeling every time you lay your eyes on it, let alone hop aboard.The pretty basket has lovely leather straps and is so much like a picnic basket, it seems criminal not to load it up with some juicy flat peaches, a slice of brioche and a flask when out and about.

DSC_0043 The pretty details on Poppy just go on and on – a lovely upright sitting position, this adorable poppy motif on the chain guard, soft cork grips and the unmistakable hand-made leather Brooks saddle.

DSC_0033 There’s so much to love about this bike and this classic British brand, bringing British cheer on the dreariest of days, even on the continent. Somehow, all those French delicacies at the market just seem all the more beautiful in the carry home panier and even though it just has three gears, easy, not so easy and really hard, it’s so easy to ride. The best bit? Well, that’s easy. The inimitable vintage bell. Ding dong!


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