Building a New House in France – First Thoughts & Inspiration

2018 marks the 15th year in France for us here at Love French Style Blog – not bad for a 12 month sabbatical back in 2003! So much has happened in that time – blood, sweat and tears – quite literally at times! We have restored our little cottage Le Petit Loft with hard work, a lot of love and plenty of imagination. And, now, all change – exciting times are upon us as we venture into adventure number 7; the world of building a new house in France!

Building a new house in france

We spend a lot of time working in Verteuil sur Charente 6km from where we live at our restaurant Cafe Portebleue – now in it’s 11th year.

building a new house in france

It’s a long summer and as the village becomes more and more popular as a tourist destination, our business is growing. We need to spend more time there but with a good work life balance and we want our little boy to have the best memories of growing up in a different country.

So, we’ve finally decided to take the plunge and move closer. We think this will be a really good thing for the future, not only for Woody but also for us – more freedom, a fresh project and laying down some roots for the future. We looked at some terrifying wrecks of old houses but honestly we just don’t have it in us to live like that again! It may seem like a strange choice to start anew, but it gives us the once in a lifetime chance to make a really special home in a place we love.

building a house in france

We feel so lucky to have found an amazing piece of land, with a view of the river, church and chateau  – not without it’s challenges as the village has recently been upgraded to a site of exceptional historical interest. But, that’s good because we are always happy to take the long and winding road together, seems to have been the story so far!  I’m looking forward to heading out on foot to the bakers, riding my bike to the farm shop and launching off from the jetty in our rowing boat from the mooring. It’s a dream that we’ve worked very hard for.

building a new house in france

There’s a lot of planning involved, a lot of heritage meetings, finance and generally sketching backward and forward getting just what we want on paper before we involve the builders. It’s a really exciting challenge, one that allows us to get closer to the water, a long time dream of ours and build a simple house in a beautiful green setting – with room for a verandah to rock back and forth on our rocking chairs as old people – hee hee hee.

I really hope you enjoy following each stage of our journey, we’ll be making regular posts and updates and letting you know when our cottage Le Petit Loft will be available for holidays in Charente.

We are building our OWN NEW HOUSE! I can’t quite believe it! I so never ever thought I would ever say that!

What do you think? Ever built a house before???



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