It’s #leweekend : Carrots, Jazzy Gymwear & Filming With The Wedding Academy

Well Bonjour one and all, had a good week? Feeling happy that dry Jan is over for another year? I didn’t actually start but I did get myself one of those v French draining cleanses to try…best to wait until Monday before I start on that one – I have a curry and a pinot blanc to get through first.

Here’s some thoughts on this week so far…

1.Carrots, carrots, carrots

French people eat a lot of carrots

What do French people do with all those carrots they buy? Is it just me or is a 5kg bag of carrots not rather a lot to get through in a week? It doesn’t matter which supermarché you frequent you’ll see the same thing all over la belle France – tonnes upon tonnes of carrots being loaded into the trolley. While we are at it, have you also noticed how French people talk to themselves?Not just a bit, but like full on conversations? Particularly noticeable in said supermarkets. I actually found myself doing it the other day, ” deux sacs de carottes, trois sacs de carottes…”

Any ideas?

2.Jazzy Gymwear!

So, I did it and joined a gym! I have literally never set foot in a gym before, I know, looking so svelte that’s hard to believe..ahem. Do you know what? I love it so far. This morning however, I attended what I thought was a pilates class only to find myself lifting weights. Wrong day, wrong activity. Try not to laugh. I just about got away with it but now am struggling with stairs. Anyhow, hasn’t gymwear got a whole lot jazzier over the past few years? And, so comfortable too. Here are a few of my favourite gym leggings around at the moment.

Best gymwear 2018

Ronhill Infinity Wear £50 John Lewis

best gymwear 2018

Nike Power Racer Running Tights £48 Next

best gymwear 2018

Firefly Leggings, M&S £29.50

3.Tape à L’oeil French Kids Clothing

Best French kids clothing brand

We went through a whole year of struggling to find the right clothes for our little fellow to go to school in. Why oh why can’t they introduce school uniforms in France? Anyway, I have finally found Woody’s favourite French kids clothing brand, Tape à l’oeil. If you have a pre-schooler or young child who is difficult to dress then I can highly recommend this brand. Each item is made from quality fabrics like super soft cotton t-shirts and joggers, which, if like Woody it’s all about how things feel then this truly makes an enormous difference. There isn’t a thing he doesn’t love from this shop; trainers, joggers, tops and they’re all brilliantly priced plus they have fantastic sales too.

best french kids clothing brand

4.The Ordinary Lactic Acid

where to buy the ordinary lactic acid france

My awesome beautician and make up artist in France, Claire Jones just told me about how amazing The Ordinary Lactic Acid is. Here’s what it’s for – straight off The ordinary website –

Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. This 10% formulation offers mild exfoliation and is supported with a purified Tasmanian pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity that is often associated with exfoliation.

Wow, on her instruction, I tried it last night before bed, a few drops mixed with some of The Ordinary Rosehip Oil massaged in and then rinsed off first thing. My skin looked so refreshed this morning, I can hardly wait to pop it on again tonight. If you’re looking for a new exfoliator you should most certainly give this a go.

I will be talking to our beauty expert Claire next week about combatting facial puffiness, she has some excellent tips.

5.Metallic M&S Brogues

So, Louisa our fashion editor has just got herself a pair of these, aren’t they just as pretty as a picture? I think these could brighten even the plainest outfit and well, just make you look absolutely wonderfully en vogue. Well done M&S.

M&S Metallic brogues

Metallic Brogues, M&S £49.50

Don’t miss Monday’s blog which is all about my filming with The Wedding Academy and Kylie Carlson. We were talking about styling a wedding table design and how using a mood board can help channel your ideas. You can see a link to the video here.


Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned – eating carrots or whatever xxx


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