Caudelie Anti Wrinkle Mineral Sunscreen Review

Best Mineral Suncreen 2020

best mineral sunscreen 2020

I, like many women my age have spent more hot sunny days in my 20s than I care to remember lounging about in the sun without a scrap of sunscreen on my face. Sound familiar? At best, I’d increase my burn factor by adding a factor 2 oil and later in my thirties the maximum Id go for was a light factor 15. Quite honestly I do now shudder when I see the sun damage now coming out in my 40s. I’ve suffered with melasma or mask of pregnancy, age spots and more recently Perioral Dermatitis. But, all is not lost! I have found that some previous sun damage can be vastly improved by using a daily factor 50 sunscreen and I’ve found a beauty of a sunscreen from Caudelie…

Mineral Sunscreen-The Antidote to Sun Damaged Skin?

Natural but Elegant Skincare

Caudelie is a brand that I’ve had an interest in for a long time, but it’s only this year that I’ve found THE right products from their collection that suit my skin type and now I have, I’m smitten! The Caudelie Brand Story is just as gorgeous as their range of beauty products which all contain hugely antioxident grape extracts. Mathilde Thomas, the founder comes from a long line of winemakers in the Bordeaux area and, having noticed the amazing complexions of the wine harvester’s who frequently rubbed the vines on their faces, they discovered that some of the grape extracts, notably Viniferine, were up to 65 times more potent than vitamin C. Perfect for giving a glow to tired looking skin and totally suited to sensitive skins. Caudelie also offer an online video consultation to ensure you’re matched up with the right products, how fabulous is that?

Ocean Friendly and Vegan Sunscreen

Unlike many other French parapharmacie brands, Caudelie is certified Vegan and their sunscreen is ocean friendly which is a huge bonus. It’s a smarter choice in sunscreen and you can rest assured knowing that there’s nothing in the Caudelie sunscreen range that damages the ocean with toxic particles strictly banned from their formulas. The Caudelie Anti Wrinkle Sunscreen promises an even, luminous tan with maximum protection and it truly delivers. Because this sunscreen is a mineral based sunscreen it contains Titanium Dioxide which has amazing skin benefits but does mean that it goes on quite white, rest assured this sinks in almost immediately. Honestly, not only since I have been using it has my dermatitis cleared up but my skin looks 100% more radiant than before. I’ve also been using their Anti Brown Spot Serum and Cleansing Oil.

The Best Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

One thing you may not be so keen on is the scent…it smells a bit grannyish but in a nice floral way and it doesn’t last. In any case, the scent is well worth it knowing that you are not rubbing a load of chemicals into your face that could flare up any existing skin conditions and sting your eyes. This is hands down the best sunscreen I’ve used in a long time and while Caudelie offers natural products with shiny good ethics, they’re equally as elegant as they are ECO.

A new ICON on my bathroom shelf X

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