Co Washing – A Test Run

Goodmorning! So, this morning’s Monday musing is a beauty based one concerning wavy hair and the art of Co Washing. I am the proud owner of very badly behaved hair. Not only is it fine but it’s wavy, and has basically looked pretty much the same since I was about 7 give or take a few MASSIVE hair disasters, including a wet look perm ( I know, what the actual chuff was I thinking?). I’m now getting a little worried I might be turning into one of those 80s women who sports an ear hugging crop à la Juliet Bravo but can’t change their look because it’s all they know!

Co washing for beginners

Most mornings I wake up with my hair in one huge fuzzy knot. A trusty Tangle Teaser that my niece gifted me was a game changer but no matter how my styling starts out, I always end up a bit, well, fluffy. So, I recently had a fringe cut in to add a little shape, I love Claudia Winkleman’s fringe and saw a few good wavy haired examples online so I thought I would go for it, and, it’s only hair right, it can grow back? So I had it cut in and I was delighted for the first day and even felt quite Audrey Hepburn with my new found bangs. Fast forward to the next morning, I could have passed as a band member of Bon Jovi.

So, you could say that my wavy bangs are proving slightly problematic and a touch Van Halen. But, then I discovered something, something that women with Afro hair have been doing for decades. I discovered a new hair care regime known as Co Washing and it would appear lots of my curly friends are already at it.

What is Co Washing? Washing with a friend?

Nope, you can definitely take a shower by yourself. In a nutshell, and this sounds way more gross than it is, co washing is simply using conditioner to wash hair rather than the classic shampoo and conditioner method. This non foaming cleansing routine uses conditioner to pick up dirt and grease from hair, some people also use this method to treat nits in kids. Co washing is said to prevent drying out due to the lack of nasties found in shampoos and nourishes hair from root to tip for more defined curls. So, in theory I should have less matted, fluffy hair first thing which has to be worth a try.

So here I am on day 4 of the co washing experiment and I did read that the first few days hair can look a bit IFFY – I can concur! Think Crystal Tips and Alistair – I am now thinking that my everyday conditioner isn’t quite cutting the mustard. As I am a co washing beginner, I am discovering that there is a whole host of specialist products out there for co washing effectively, many of which are natural and far better for the environment too. So, I thought I’d try a proper cleansing conditioner and see how this goes instead of just using a normal one. I’m going to be trying out this Tigi Bed Head one and I will be back with the results next Monday! If you see me in the meantime looking a bit, well, greasy…bear with!

Have a super week, hope you didn’t go too heavy on the red wine with the roast…

Every tried the co washing technique? Have you noticed a difference? I’d love to hear X

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