Coucou it’s #leweekend! French Toy Brands, A Citron Vert Cocktail & Upcycling Vintage Linens

French scene of Eiffel tower

So, it’s #leweekend again and after a week of upcycling vintage linens, reasoning with a toddler, garden designing and testing paint colours I am ready for my little break to Jersey this weekend to see my besties.

It’s a weird one turning 40 this year and it’s suddenly dawning on me that all those things that people used to say to me as a young person are actually true. They weren’t talking rubbish, you do have to enjoy life, not wish it away and be happy as you’re really not here all that long. My three year old reached out his hand and stroked my face telling me he loved me last night. He mirrors me all the time like a better, brighter more beautiful miniature version of myself. I think that must mean we are doubly in love, I love that.

So, whatever you’re up to, enjoy lots of precious family time together, be stylish with your surroundings and sit back and admire the lovely home you created all by yourself. I’ll drink to that! Have a good one x

Here’s a few other lovely things to try this weekend…

#1 Shop French Toy Brands 

French toy brands

I love Woody’s toys and bits and bobs about the place but all that plastic tat can get in the way a bit can’t it? I love the traditional French toy brands made from lovely soft wood with playful designs and fresh colours. Vilac are a great iconic French toy brand from the Juras and their collection of French wooden toys are so lovely. We got Woody this gorgeous Vilac wooden toy accordian and he adores it. We realised he was very musical early on, he taps on blooming everything, it’s like lunching with Phil Collins! So, we thought we would get him this for Christmas last year and he adores it. He hasn’t learnt to play the Stella Artois theme tune yet mind…

Jean de Florette


Remember Jean de Florette?

#2 Dual Language Books

Dual Language Books

Despite getting such a poor grade in my French A level I finished up being a fluent French speaker in the end. When I was at school, the teacher would dish out the French novels and tell us to go away and read them over a weekend. Unfortunately I decided to take mine to JJs café with some fags and cider and I didn’t get much reading done. Most of the texts they gave us I ended up watching in English and blagging it on Monday morning. Foolish really as the French versions were rich with culture and French imagery that I would have really enjoyed. Ho hum…

Despite hating the painful French grammar lessons at school, I did love the stories in the French books we studied; Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources, Germinal and Bonjour Tristesse, if only I could only have read them properly! As an adult I found a great way to learn new French vocabulary was to buy books with one page English and one page French, much better than trying to do a literal translation all the time. Here’s a great place to buy dual language books online. I think these could be really useful for Woody in the future too and found this company Language Lizard for fun children’s bilingual books. If you’re struggling learning French then why not give these a go?

#3 Upcycling with Vintage Linens

Painting fabric Annie Sloan paint

You know when you’re looking for something for your house and you just cannot find it online? Well this has happened to me so many times recently that I have started upcycling vintage linens to make the cushion covers I want and other soft furnishings too. I recently upgraded this white sheet to a pretty French rustic white linen cushion cover that I painted with Annie Sloan paint.

Upcycling Vintage Linen

So, my fun project for you this weekend is to be brave, chop up a sheet from the airing cupboard and wheel out the sewing machine! Here’s a tutorial on upcycling vintage fabric.

#4 Drink Citron Vert Cocktails!

Citron vert cocktails

I love a good cocktail, the punchier the better and what could be more fab than a Grey Goose vodka citron vert cocktail made with freshly squeezed limes. I found this recipe on Grey Goose Vodka cocktail ideas and absolutely plan to try it out this weekend? Joining me?

#5 Eat Oysters for Mother’s Day

How to open oysters

The squeamish among you may not like the idea of a slippery oyster but what a treat they are. So fresh and delicious with a crisp glass of white, what could be more glam that celebrating mother’s day with a lovely plateful of oysters! Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to open oysters without chopping your hand off! I like mine with red wine vinegar and shallots, how about you? To the mothers among you and your mothers, a very happy mothers day to you – have a lie in, you deserve it!

Enjoy! Bon weekend à tous! x

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  1. Lianne Jones

    Hi Katie, loved this one. Thank you for sharing such super tips, I have ordered some books already, getting the boys ready for their holiday in France!!!

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