Creating A Parisian Apartment Look For Your Flat

If you love living in your apartment complex and have no plans of moving anytime soon, you may be considering a little renovation to add a touch of French class and elegance to your home. Here are some top tips on adding la touche Française.

City Chic Style

Apartment living is at the heart of Parisian life with casement windows, grand and ornate architecture and baroque style fixtures. Flair, creativity and design are the embodiment of French interior design, but it’s important also to consider the practicalities of living in a flat.

Whatever city you reside in, security can be an issue particularly if you have a balcony or shared terrace. Barry Bros Security are experts in door entry systems so no matter what access points your town property has, you can rest assured that your home is secure. Making a feature of small balconies with specifically designed garden furniture and some clever planting can transform even the tiniest outdoor space into something beautiful. Thanks to compact outdoor heating units, you won’t actually need to be in central Paris to enjoy your early evening drinks al fresco either. Look for half sized parasols and balcony planters to create a perfect terrace all year through.

Optical Illusions

Living in a small space doesn’t have to be confining, some of the most bijoux Parisian apartments are created in very small spaces. using mirrors to share light and create the feeling of extra space you can trick the eye into believing your small space is far bigger than it is. Before hanging mirrors, try positioning them in different points around the room to create the illusion of space. Or, if you’re feeling ultra clever, put them on opposite walls to create a concertina effect you’ll spend hours enjoying!


The beauty of combining the old with the new in Parisian style is that you get the best of both worlds in your home. When it comes to shopping for mirrors, lights or rugs, do try shopping vintage – there are some truly characterful pieces to be had. If you’ve ever been to the flea markets of France, you’ll see antique, gilt and framed bevelled mirrors lining the stalls. Some are in better condition than others, but a gold edged Louis XVI inspired mirror positioned above your mantelpiece is the ultimate in Parisian design. If gold is a little too garish for you, why not look at the more monochrome and ebonised mirrors that adorn many a Parisian apartment. 

Inviting Lighting

Although it may be a little cliché, no French apartment is complete without a chandelier or two or three. While they may seem a tad outlandish and a little opulent, but, if it is the Parisian style you are going for then you need something that oozes elegance and class. Nothing says it better than a tinkling chandelier!

The light fittings you choose don’t have to be vast, mounted on a ceiling rose or, even antique but bear in mind that going oversized in a small space can look amazing – if a little dramatic! You could also opt for something modern and minimal to fit in with more modest tastes. The inspiration is clearly Parisian, but you can tailor the look to suit you.

Blanc, blanc, blanc

The detailing in French apartments often comes from the furniture, fabrics and accessories. It may seem bland but think white white white on the walls or a very pale grey. It’s a crisp, fresh look that works across antique and contemporary beautifully. Perfect with wooden floorboards or woodwork painted just a shade different, white creates the ideal backdrop for your favourite furnishings. 

Add print to sofas, a patterned chaise longue if you can get your hands on one – ornate pieces of lighting or even an art deco nude!  If you’re a dab hand at rewiring, you could even select a period piece to add authenticity to your interior by bringing it up to date to modern safety standards.

Setting out to create a look based on French design might seem tricky. However, don’t stress too much about getting every single piece Parisian in style. The finest interiors are eclectic and take a range of regions, styles and eras as inspiration for unique and highly personalised living spaces. enjoy shopping around and creating a beautiful space to enjoy x

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