Date Night Prep

So a lot of our married friends here at Love French Style blog treat themselves to a date night every once in a while, is this something you do too? Just to escape the humdrum of every day life, it sounds appealing! Imagine then going on a brand new date? If you happen to find yourself in this position this NY then you might be feeling anxious about it. So, whether it’ a new date or a date night for you as a married couple, here are a few things to consider for your Date Night Prep!

A First Date Again, Really?

I really feel for you if you are soon to be going on a first date – it has to be one of the scariest times ever. You just can’t help but get the butterflies and go all nervous. Even if it isn’t a first date, there always seems to be an air of anticipation floating around, especially if you’re going somewhere really nice. All you want to do is impress the person you’re going with, so looking your best is important. First dates though, are just another level of worry. Every possible outcome of the night will go through your head, and you’ll often find yourself prepping the whole day to make sure you look and feel perfect. Unfortunately for us, the lad on the other side probably had a shower and did his hair 30 minutes before he left! The things we go through for love eh? For the purpose of this article, we’re going to talk about first dates, and how you can make sure you feel perfect for one.

Date Night Prep

Where Are You Going?

This plays a bigger role in the outcome of the evening than you think. Is he taking you for a casual round of bowling and some food from your average restaurant? Then you probably don’t need to worry too much about what you’re actually wearing. But if you’re going somewhere a bit more upmarket, then this is when we truly do begin to panic. But, there really is no need to. Yes, there’s the worry of wondering whether you’ll actually like them in person, or the dreaded worry of if the conversation will go dry. But overall, you should be fine on your first date. Where you go often sets the tone for how the date is going to go anyway. If you are somewhere a bit more energetic like bowling, you’re more likely to have some fun and a giggle. A sit down meal always seems more formal, and it is, it opens you up to give and receive more questions, which often sends us into even more of a panic.

Date Night Prep


We all have a set beauty routine that we like to stick to, but when it comes to a date night this goes up in the air. You want to go as glam as possible, without actually looking too over the top. Before that though, you need to pick out the perfume of the night. Men say that it’s the smell that attracts them to a girl first. So pick out your best one, or even treat yourself to a new one. You want one that is going to last for the whole night. How long does perfume last? It all depends on the brand and the type you get! So, the first thing you need to do is put a light layer of moisturiser on. The last thing you want is to be drying up on a day like today. Allow that a few minutes to soak in. The apply some primer to give the foundation something to stick to. Again, leave that a while to soak in, maybe a little longer than the moisturiser.

Whilst it’s soaking in, apply a light layer of mascara, not too much though, for this look we’re going to use lashes, so you really do only need a light layer. The build up your layers of foundation. You want to try and go as natural as possible. So just put on one or two layers, and finish with some powder to get rid of any shine. Then for the eyebrows, all you need to do is pencil, or fill them in however you do. Only follow the line of your eyebrow, too much can often be a bit unsightly. Finish with some highlighter above the cheekbones and a dab on the end of your nose. Then apply the lashes as instructed on the packet, but make sure they are to the line of your lashes so you don’t see any gap!

What To Wear

What to actually wear can often cause you more distress than what the date is going to be like. You don’t want to be too reserved, but you also don’t want to have too much on show. You need to get the right mixture of sass and class. If you’re struggling, just get your friends to help you on this one. Part of it all depends on where you’re actually going. If you know it’s a little more fancy, a bodycon skirt with a playsuit underneath might be the perfect answer to your worries. It won’t show too much off, but at the same time it will show your figure. Just find a new skirt and top combo, and see how you feel in it. If you’re more of a dress girl, bodycon is again, the way to go. It hugs to your figure and shows off your best parts. And there’s plenty of lovely dresses out there in this style!

Bonne chance!

*Collaborative Post

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