Do Dogs Make You Happy?

Do Dogs Make You Happy?

Do dogs make you happy?

Do dogs make you happy? So many of us own dogs and choose to share our hearts, homes and sofas with our four legged friends. So what is it that we find so enjoyable about owning a dog?

Should I get a Dog?

Firstly, owning a dog isn’t the right choice for everyone. At times when there’s yapping, chewing and general misdemeanor going on in the house I’ll be the first to mutter to myself” why oh why?”

Do dogs make you happy?

But, coming home to the waggling tails waiting the other side of the kitchen door or snuggling up on the sofa together with the dogs leaves no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t be without them.

Here in France, the winter season is the worst time of year for abandoned dogs. It really is heartbreaking the number of puppies and older dogs that are left alone around Christmas time when owners no longer want them anymore.

Whether or not you should get a dog, or whether a dog will make you happy, you need to be very sure that you’re in it for the long haul with them. Once you own a dog, they very quickly become part of the family so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly and they are most certainly not just for Christmas nor any other time of year.

Our two dogs are rescues from SPA Mornac, you can view the dogs they have available to adopt here.

Is A Dog The Right Pet?

Whether a dog is the right pet for you probably all depends on whether or not you have positive memories of dogs throughout your lifetime. I grew up in a household of cats, dogs, ponies, chickens, gerbils and pigs, so I suppose I was always going to have a home with pets in adult life too.

Do dogs make you happy?

I’ve always found dogs are intuitive, respectful and loving, everything you would look for in the qualities of a best friend. Look at Wilbur above, welcoming our second rescue, Winnie into the house. It’s like he knew she needed to know the same love as him. I just love that.

Dogs require more looking after, company and exercise than a pet like a cat so you need to be sure that you can commit to a lifetime of this, plus dog hair on your coat! In return though, the lifetime of friendship and company is well worth everything you put in.

How Pets Make You Happier and Healthier

If you’re wondering, will a dog make me happy? Well the answer is probably yes. Despite the dog hair and chasing of the postman ( why is it they all hate him? ) researchers believe that owning a dog can have a positive impact on health and well-being.

According to the experts, even a small amount of interaction with a dog can release the happy hormone oxytocin and leave us with a sense of well-being. owning a dog teaches us and our children a lot about caring and patience, two key skills for life. It’s no surprise that dogs are often used to support sensory awareness to children and adults in a caring setting.

Do humans make dogs happy?

For me, there’s a general unspoken understanding between dog and human. They may love us for the titbits and the walks but there’s a huge amount of communication that goes on between pet and humans.

My first adopted dog, Audrey stayed with us 12 years and during that time she ate a bed, chewed her way through a windowsill and generally caused utter mayhem wherever she went. Her preferred pose was to stand up on her hind legs to greet us or anyone else who came into our home, usually dragging them to the ground with her in a frenzy of licks.

I’m pretty sure that we made her as happy as she made us, inspite of all this chaos!

Do you own a dog? Do dogs make you happy? I’d love to hear X

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One thought on “Do Dogs Make You Happy?

  1. Alex

    A dog can make you happy but that doesn’t mean that it will make you happy. Never take a dog to compensate something you miss in your life… A dog is a living creature not a thing.


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