Do You Body Brush?

Traditional Body BrushingDo you body brush? The first time I tried this it felt as though I had taken sandpaper to my skin – I won’t lie I wasn’t convinced. However, with age, more visible cellulite ( ew) and the need to incorporate an invigorating start into my morning regime, I’m a convert, here’s why.

Dry Brushing Detoxes

You know that feeling you get when you’ve used a great shampoo that made your hair look fabulous and then all of a sudden, it’s magic wears off and you have dull claggy locks? Well, the same can be said for the skin. As our largest organ, our skin soaks up environmental damage and can also get blocked with the use of oils and creams on a daily basis. So, using a body brush helps to effectively brighten and liven up skin, unblock pores and bring a new vitality like a good cleanse does. It’s an ancient art even Cleopatra enjoyed apparently, so go ahead and embrace your inner goddess.

Body Brushing Is Good For Circulation

You can feel it and see it to be fair. Using short strokes all over the body moving upwards towards the heart, just 1 minute dry brushing will have a positive effect on your overall well-being.  I like to moisturise afterwards with a dry oil – I love this Dry Oil from Nuxe, it reminds me of summer. According to health and wellness blog Lotus Wei, dry brushing can even help with lymphatic drainage and also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Body Brushing Aids Water Retention

So, we spoke before with lovely Claire Jones about water retention here at Love French Style Blog. Claire gave us some expert advice on water retention and some great tips on reducing facial puffiness.

While the brush you will use to perform your body brushing will be firmer than one you might use for cleaning on your face, they do exist in softer versions if you find a firm one too harsh. I have found as I’ve got older that a weekend of wine and excess does leave me feeling and looking pretty bloated now I’m over 40, literally like kilos heavier, so water retention has become a big of a thing. I was pleased to discover that body brushing can aid this too. So far, I think it’s helping. I’m also a huge fan of Magnesium supplements for water retention – aches and pains simply disappear ( gosh, how old do I sound! ).

Body Brushing Gently Exfoliates

Choosing the right body brush is key and preferably get yourself a body brush made from natural fibres. If like me you live in a hot country, summer is a lot about swimming, chlorine, sweat, sun tan lotions and moisturisers. So, skin can look dull. The gentle motion of body brushing exfoliates skin without the use of yet more cosmetics. A daily brush can really have great benefit to the overall appearance and health of your skin, particularly during the summer months.

A Morning Body Brush Promotes Calm

I truly believe that a daily brushing helps to revitalise and energise skin. Just as a short yoga ritual does, 1 minute body brushing takes no time out of your day but leaves you feeling grounded and ready. I find it strange how people talk so much about mindfulness as something we have to consciously remind ourselves to do and be. Small rituals as these let you take time naturally to relax and prepare yourself for the day. Just like laying out your school uniform before an exam or cleaning out the car before a long drive! Uncomplicated but effective time to help you help yourself.

Give it a try! Take a moment to prepare yourself for the day, away from the kids and feel refreshed, energised and know you are taking care of your biggest body asset – your skin.

Do you body brush? Will you give it a try? x

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