Eco Friendly Vivaia Recycled Shoes

Eco friendly womens shoes

Every now and again, a really great new product pops up that’s hard not to admire. Vivaia are one of those brands that has really impressed me. Vivaia are an eco friendly women’s shoe brand changing the way that we shop for shoes and I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful pair of shoes made from recycled bottles from their collection.

Eco Friendly Footwear

You’ve probably already seen in many of your sweaters and other high street clothing that a lot of fabric comes from recycled sources nowadays. This is so good to know that even some of our biggest, favourite brands are trying to make clothes in a more responsible way. I was the same, I’d read “recycled polyester” in some of my clothes but I had never seen recycled shoes before, especially not ones that are made from recycled plastic bottles – 6 to be precise.

How Are Shoes Made from Plastic Bottles?

It’s a fascinating thought to think that the future of shoes could also help keep our oceans free from plastic bottles at the same time. It takes 6 plastic bottles to make one pair of Vivaia Eco Friendly Shoes, that’s not a lot of plastic for rather a lot of shoe. The plastic is first made into chips and then the chips are extruded into threads. If you’re wondering what on earth a pair of shoes that’s made from recycled bottles feels like, well, they’re surprisingly soft, like wool. Vivaia recycled shoes come in loads of different styles and colours from loafers and chelsea boots to heels and pumps to walk you through all the seasons.

Shoes made from recycled plastic

The thick cut insoles are made from soft natural latex foam that’s derived from rubber resin and the outsoles are highly elastic and flexible to help reduce carbon emissions.

Recycled shoes

Each beautiful pair is delivered in recycled packaging to complete the planet friendly journey of these eco shoes.

Ballet Pumps with a Vintage Touch

Eco friendly womens shoes

What I love about the style of Vivaia eco friendly shoes is the lovely vintage shape and colours that look so cute with a midi skirt and sweater or paired simply with skinny jeans and a nice shirt. I chose the Jade Green Vivaia Pumps and they really do go with everything.

Eco friendly shoes

I absolutely LOVE them and honestly they are the most comfortable ballet style shoe I have ever worn, from the first wear. No toe pinching or ankle rubbing here! I can even run in mine – good job as I’m forever late.

Eco Friendly & Washable Shoes

Vivaia eco friendly footwear

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more positives, Vivaia shoes are fully machine washable too! You simply remove the insole and pop them in the washing machine. With such a flexible, practical product, I for one will find it hard to buy a regular pair of shoes off the shelf again in the future. I find the products to be really elegant and practical from this brand – they even have a smart Chanel inspired badge on the heel – but most of all I’m inspired by their forward thinking practices for shoe manufacturing in a sensitive, sustainable way.

What better way to tread lightly on the earth than starting with the shoes on your feet?

If you would like to see more from Vivaia, they have the most gorgeous Instagram account that you can follow here. These delightful little ballet pumps come in loads of fabulous colours and variations to suit your mood and wardrobe – I hope like me you find your perfect pair.

Happy ( conscious ) Shoe Shopping X

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4 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Vivaia Recycled Shoes

  1. Florence Heinen

    Do you know where these are produced? I cannot find any information on that or whether they are certified. I love the look, but want to be sure this is not just greenwashing


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