Why Every Girl Should Own a Personalised Signet Ring

Personalised Monogram signet ringsI love the French monograms embroidered on the vintage linens I buy and as I’m a bit of a magpie, a personalised signet ring brings together my love of jewellery and monograms in one. Banish all ideas of Delboy’s sovereign to somewhere far, far away and channel your mind to beautiful, simple, silver personalised signet rings with bespoke initials and twinkly diamonds.

Here’s why every girl should own one.

Back in June when my little five year old had to go to Paris to have his eye operated on I was in desperate need of some reassurance that everything would be ok. You know when you just need to keep everyone “close”? I’ve always loved silver but I’ve grown to love the significance of jewellery as I’ve got older so much more. No matter what the monetary value of a piece, sometimes you just treasure an item forever  – sometimes, you just really love something.

I was so delighted then when I found a really talented Etsy ring maker and jeweller from Israel. Kristina K completely understood why and what I wanted from my signet ring and added a gorgeous tiny North star to the design as an added finish.
Personalised Monogram signet ringsI really love the simplicity of the design and Kristina will create a custom design for you in gold or silver with initials, jewels or, my latest lust after – astrological constellation.

Personalised Monogram signet rings

The history of signet rings goes way back – as far as the Old Testament in fact. Used to seal documents and act as a signature, a signet ring was originally just designed to be worn by the head of the home, the man. Thank goodness times have changed! I haven’t tried sealing any correspondence with my new personalised signet ring but I am filled with joy when I see the initials of my little family along with that shiny diamond on my little finger.

Personalised silver Signet rings

A few of my friends are posh enough to carry their own family crest on a signet ring. I don’t think we have one coming from working class London but one day I will get one designed for me and my mum and sister to wear. Id love it if we designed one my sister in law and niece loved too. I want it to reflect our family values.

Personalised silver signet rings

Personalised signet ringspersonalised silver signet rings

So, why should every girl own one? It’s so pleasing to know you own a bespoke piece of jewellery, whatever your budget. Your own design, your own name and in a choice of metals. These are beautifully made and affordable and, I think, a lovely way to wear the initials of those you love close to your heart. You can shop Kristina K’s collection of personalised signet rings here, prices start from around 29e.

Do you own a treasured piece of jewellery? A signet ring? Or do you have a crest of your own? I’d love to hear! x

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One thought on “Why Every Girl Should Own a Personalised Signet Ring

  1. Kimberly

    Katie, Enjoyed your blog about your custom ring you had made.I love the reason you had your signet ring created.I think its beautiful with the shining diamond.My reason for having a ring made for myself is like you said every girl should a special piece of jewelry.I have been married for 10 years. My husband has given several pieces that I love but I wanted something that is me. So I had a signet crest ring designed with a female symbol and my maiden last name .Like you I wear it on my pinky finger.

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