EYE CANDY – 5 Cheerful Spring Interior Ideas

Now that Spring is here, we’re all feeling the wave of optimism and sense of renewal the season injects into the air.  At this time of year, many of us embark on a fresh bit of home renovation and the opportunity to give the house a deep spring clean!

Here are 5 spring-fresh interior trends to try this season.



Pastel shades of ice cream inspired colours are very much on trend at the moment and thee can certainly be applied to a French inspired home too.  In many ways, picking out your favourite paint colour has always been akin to the challenge faced when picking out your favourite ice cream flavour – if in doubt, more is more! The good news is that this year, the trend is to use a palette of colours meaning you can select your favourite flavour combinations – just make sure they compliment each other perfectly.


Big, bright bold pops of colour that contrast yet compliment each other are a favourite in all the interior magazines this season.  For example, you could use a deep indigo bedspread (one of the most on trend colours this season) set against neutral or light pastel walls, mixed in with a bright zingy element such as an orange rug. Daring but delicious colour clashes – with some careful consideration, these bright bold colour statements are a great way to enliven your home.


In a similar vein to the above, a great way to inject vibrancy into an otherwise bland space is by using rich saturated colours in the form of a rug, either hung on the wall or placed on a natural wooden floor.


When it comes to art, this season, the key is to dress your walls as if it were a  minimalist art gallery.  Think white washed walls with a prominent feature piece complimented by the quirky lighting fixtures you can find at Scotlight Direct.  Essentially, the trend is to declutter your walls and have one prominent piece of art that makes one bold statement.


Indoor plants are making a huge comeback for Spring so embrace their natural vibes and oxygenating magic!  There are a number of health benefits associated with this though the predominant reason for this trend is to facilitate the overriding theme of contrast.  This is why dark green leafy foliage, in particular is becoming so popular as it offers a great way to inject colour and vibrancy when set against pastel coloured walls.

Happy decorating! x

*A collaborative post

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