French House Attic Bedroom Conversion

The Attic Conversion ProjectI won’t lie to you, our attic bedroom conversion in our French home is a mission! One I underestimated the challenge of entirely but like most petites familles we needed more space and so we set out to create a brand new bedroom for ourselves. The way it was, we had one long bedroom that went the full length of the house with a low beam right across the middle. So, last year we split the room in two and created a split staircase to get to each side. But this still left us with one room at the far end of the house with no way of getting into it. So…we made a VERY BIG HOLE! Are you sitting down? The photos you are about to see may shock you! And, if you’re about to embark on a renovation yourself, make the most of those dust free days! Next week I will be posting the finished article but for today…the work thus far.


Eek, can those rods really hold up the whole house?


Nice pile of rocks to climb over getting in and out the house!

We’ve lovingly restored our old French house from scratch; the kitchen floor was made of palettes with dead rats underneath when we moved in and there was no upstairs space at all. No hot water, a weird clog bath and no money to renovate it with! In the early days in France none of this mattered, we were happy to bumble along in a wreck with an unflushing loo and a downstairs bedroom with floor to ceiling brown wallpaper including doors and ceiling. DSC_0781We left the house for a few years and once we returned with our little man we knew we had to address the renovation issues and fast. So, once the hole to access the room was done, it was on with the plaster boarding.

This is the cute little view out the window to the right where I live opposite an ancient priory…


And straight ahead to some pretty old rooftops!DSC_0791

While this part of the house is in turmoil, I as usual have been fluffing around with hydrangeas in the living room, creating a shrine in the nice clean bit! ha ha!

Here’s my pinterest pinnings that keep me from going crazy…

attic2 attic3 attic1

So, the floor will be finished on Friday, carpet down and bed made! See the finished product next week!

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