French Style Bathroom Inspiration

French style bathroom

I’m a firm believer in allowing yourself plenty of luxury in the bathroom. From the best double head shower systems to elegant subway tiling here’s my bathroom lust list.

I love the principles of The White Company London on turning your home into a boutique hotel. And, why shouldn’t you? You work so hard and need a great place to relax and enjoy some home comforts.  We’re not nearly there yet with our French house but we’re making progress.

French style bathroom










Each year we tackle a new area of the house and this year it will be the bathroom. We’re interested in making a small ensuite bathroom upstairs but not sure if we really have room, that said, it always amazes me how little space you actually need to create a perfectly functional yet luxurious washroom. So, we will be starting with the existing bathroom in the meantime and giving that a nice little facelift.

Bathroom Ventiliation

BAthroom velux windows

Adding light to a cottage with low ceilings is something we’ve established makes a big difference to the overall comfort of our house. We’ve got low ceilings and so using light, tonal colours and adding windows where we can in the roof we have made it feel a lot bigger than it is. So, we’re going to start by adding two small velux windows into the roof space which will hopefully help evacuate some steam too.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Herringbone vinyl flooring

We’ve got quarry tiles in our bathroom at the moment and while these are nice and cool underfoot when it’s in the thirties outside, in the winter they are cold and hard! So, having looking around at all sorts of Moroccan inspired vinyl flooring I think we have settled on going for something like warm wood. I really love this herringbone vinyl flooring from Amtico and what’s more, it’s so easy to install.

Luxurious Bathroom Paint Colours

Strong White Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball Shadow White

While I appreciate and adore the decorative magic of using of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for fabric or indeed for upgrading pre-loved decor, for wall paint, there is nothing that comes close to Farrow & Ball. I really love Shadow White for the bathroom and Strong White for the woodwork.

Strong White

Shadow White


Shower Heads and Units

Bath Professor best shower heads

I’m going to upgrade our shower unit for something more luxurious feeling. I think there are some great choices when looking for new shower heads and I love the stylish rainfall shower heads that always seem so chic.

A new and rather fabulous option is to choose a double head shower, here are some of the best double shower head systems which are rather handsome looking as well as providing a powerful shower to blow away the cobwebs each morning.

Double head shower systems

Tiling & Panelling


I really love the marble subway tiles we chose for our kitchen so I think as I have a box left of these I am going to add to them and do the whole bathroom in them too. We need to move our loo which is way too close to the shower and a complete pain every time you need to tighten the loo seat ( yes, I do that too ) so once that’s done we’re going to retile the whole shower area and add a stylish heated towel rail.

French style bath paneling

Image : Pinterest

Marble subway tiles

Around the bath I would really like to add some wooden DIY paneling and I love the way this bathroom has used it around the bath and on the walls. What do you think?

So much to do but I really think it will be worth it – can’t wait to get started.

Have you taken on a bathroom revamp recently? What was your star buy?

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3 thoughts on “French Style Bathroom Inspiration

  1. Victor

    Hello Katie, congrats on your post.

    I’ve seen awesome ideas on this article. Really inspiring.

    I love the idea of wood in the bathroom, it give such a nice and cozy look to it. It’s just you need to make sure if you DIY, to buy the right kind of wood for bathrooms.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Donna

    Fabulous and chic! Great ideas here from the grain sac bathmat to the beautiful french blue tile. Thanks for posting!

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