Garden Design Dilemmas – To Deck or Not to Deck

French Olive TreesSo, last summer it became really clear that with all the small people that come and stay during the summer months, our garden is no longer a great place to play. The combination of shingle, patchy lawn and scruffy flower beds is driving me nuts. I now feel the whole space is wasted and not very usable and I’d really like to get something exciting done before the summer arrives.  I have to admit I always thought garden decking was a bit too modern, samey, characterless even but I’m now considering it as an option. Decking in 2017 seems to barely resemble its former flat packed self and the modern options are chic and sophisticated with topiary and olive trees. That said, winter worries me though, does it get all slippery and slidy? Will Woody and I be skidding out the door to school in November like Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean?

Torvill and Dean

Image : BRW Academy Blog

Why Garden Decking? Why not Paving or Shingle?

So, I’m dreaming of a pale wooden deck, so that I can tip toe out on a warm summer morning barefoot and drink my coffee from a cosy sofa seat. At night I will string bistro lights from Olive trees and with the gentle flicker of candles I will serve up lashings of crisp white muscadet with my seafood platters. I think this would make me very happy indeed, in fact, I think I will feel like I have arrived! I think a deck would make Woody the scooter boy very happy too, he really struggles on those stones and who knows, he might even get on a bike?  I think Mr Love French Style would love relaxing on a sunlounger with a cold beer and twist of lime after shutting the restaurant on a Sunday and I think little Wilbur the dog is such a diva he will be happy just not to get his paws grubby!

Getting Decking Inspiration

Sadly I can’t get gorgeous Monty Don to visit but I can ask you to help me! I’ve been looking for some inspiration online and think these gardens on Pinterest look pretty dreamy, what do you think?

Decked Gardens

French style garden decking

Painted deckingBuilt in Barbecue

Built in outdoor seating

What do you think? is garden decking a oui or a non?

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