Getting The French Flick!

The perfect French Flick eyeliner

I’d started to lose hope with eyeliners as after the age of 40 I found it harder and harder to create a smart line on my wrinkly eyes but I do love a French Flick to elongate the eyeline and create a more awake look! Arghhh, so annoying when your tried and tested method doesn’t work anymore. Older eyes meant I had to ditch the liquid liners and so my hunt for the perfect eyeliner began…

A lot of beauty experts advise us to steer clear of eyeliner after a certain age and opt for a softer line using eyeshadow. I tried this but every time I did I just felt I looked, well – middle aged, even with cream shadows. But then, tah dah, I had a bit of an epiphany moment when I discovered that Eye of Horus Cosmetics Eye Liners are water proof so you can draw in the water line and one on your eyelid and it really doesn’t budge.

Image Credit – Eye of Horus

You have to work fast when using one mind you as they dry quickly and you need to keep your point nice and sharp. That said, they are very easy to remove with eyemakeup remover, I love Avene Gentle eye Makeup Remover.

What I would say is that with age, my technique of applying eyeliner has had to change too ( sorry, I’m aware that I am implying I look like ET or something, it’s not that bad really ) so rather than going in with a strong line, I sketch along my eyelid then flick out at the end instead. The eyeliners come in matte or shimmery versions and in ALL these colours!

Image Credit – Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus eyeliners also come with a handy smudger on the end so you can actually colour in your whole eyelid and blurrr if you preferrr.

Here’s a professional tutorial by the makeup artists at Eye of Horus Cosmetics

I have two colours, Teal Malachite which is a a bright blue turquoise shade and Nubian Brown which is a lovely dark brown with no red tones. Priced at 18e42, they’re not the cheapest but they last well if you take care of them.

Just thought I would share X

PS, well worth investing in the little eyeliner sharpener too XXX

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