Why Does Your Hair Turn Grey?

Why does hair turn greyGrey is literally one of my favourite colours, our home is full of it. From pale dove-grey to dark anthracite, I literally cannot get enough of it paired with crisp white. I am less keen on it appearing on my head however.

I am lucky that until my 40th birthday I didn’t have a single grey strand. From there, it has been like some grey explosion on the top of my head, like my body is trying to keep up with my interior style – I really don’t want or need it to! What started out as a single strand that I ( hanging head in shame ) plucked out, has now come back as ten or twenty wiry hairs. Oh, no, tell a lie, I just lifted up my hair, it’s a salt and pepper sprinkling all the way through.

Why DOES your hair turn grey? I just have no idea. 

I’ve arrived at an age where I am finding Good Housekeeping to be bang on trend ( I know?! ) and the glossy pages are full of advice for down-there dryness and, yup, you’ve guessed it, grey hair.

According to this article about going grey in Cosmopolitan, by the time you reach 50 you can expect to have around 50% grey hair. Yikes. It goes on to say that with age, hair stops producing as much melanin which they causes hair to sprout through grey or silver.

It’s not all bad news, diet can slow the process apparently, as can using hair shampoo and treatments containing copper. Apparently being copper deficient can cause you to go grey sooner, although the research to back this up is sketchy to say the least. And, to be fair I eat my body weight in nuts but am fast going from red squirrel to grey in both colour and size so the jury is out on that one for now.

I even came across this video on reversing grey hair with lemon juice. Ever tried it? Last year there was even a hot new hair trend for going grey and  I weirdly really liked it. I just find with all the hair dyeing and the heat of the sun, hard water etc that hair can end up rather dry and frizzy if you’re not careful. So, I’m trying to dye it less but not sure about letting the grey come on the hell in…

Do you embrace the greys? Blend them out with some subtle highlighting or go full blown non- acceptance with a full head of colour?

Just wondering?

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Your Hair Turn Grey?

  1. Jo Hinds

    Great read! Since my arrival in France my hair literally exploded with various shades of grey! Tired of trying to mask it with colour I embraced it – did a radical hair cut created by the ever talented Emma Willett and had a little colour on the top! Much easier to maintain!

    1. Katie Anderson Post author

      What is it with France turning your hair grey eh? ha! Fabulous idea – Emma is a star and having a good cut is half the battle won I always think x

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