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5 Most Photogenic Clothes You can WearClothing pieces that slim down, look good and always photograph fabulously.

You don’t really need to be a celebrity to want to photograph well; after all, we live in a selfie era that encourages multiple snaps throughout a day for instant gratification and brag about your fabulous style. Unfortunately, you can’t always look good (well, unless your job is to channel a spotless look at all times) but you can wear clothes that mask the fact you’ve just had a donut (or two) more than you should have.

Here’s a breakdown of The 5 Most Photogenic Clothes You Can Wear

5 Most Photogenic Outfits

Never Go Wrong with a Dark Base

On your photo day, opt for a form-fitting dress or dark overalls in a lighter fabric; the key is to avoid adding any bulk to your frame and look for colours that slim down.

A simple one-piece or mid-calf dress will easily be dressed up with flashier accessories.

To channel the boss in you, make sure you pick any of the elegant ladies’ suits for added drama and statement, especially if you are doing a photo-shoot at the office. It’s important to always go for the right size and fit – you don’t want to look sloppy, do you? Dress it up with a sharp blazer for a business meeting or wear it with a lingerie-inspired cardigan for a cocktail hour.

Make a Case for Wow Factor in a Wide Legged Pants

A wide-legged pant creates the illusion of longer, leaner legs by skimming your hips and visually elongating your figure. The cut itself is much more forgiving than skinny jeans, especially if you’ve got thicker legs.

To keep proportions in check and the overall look streamlined, wear them with a fitted sweater/shirt. That way, you won’t look bulky but it will appear you were going for the asymmetrical proportions.

To add drama, opt for stripes on your bottoms.

5 Most Photogenic Clothes

Be a Lady in a Midi Skirt

A midi skirt works on everyone – from a 15-year-old to your 65-year-old grandma, anyone can wear it. The key is in “young” accessorizing when you want to take away the seriousness from the outfit. Further, a midi skirt works for every occasion, too, so you don’t have to worry about being under-dressed.

Try this season’s popular wrap style for an extra-slimming effect or keep things comfortably known with your trusty fit-and-flare one; you’ll look great either way.

Walk the Walk in a Nude Heel

A nude heel is the most popular shoe on the red carpet and the key piece of every smart girl’s shoe closet. It is not without a reason that celebs adore nude pumps – they straighten the posture, lengthen the leg and never clash with anything you’re wearing. Worn in matte, nude heels tend to give you overall style a sense of luxury.

5 Most Photogenic Clothes

When in Doubt, Wear a Collared Shirt

What the nude heel does for your legs, this classic layering piece does for your neckline: elongates. To keep it from looking stuffy, make sure to undo a button or two up top.

A collared shirt is a statement piece itself but when paired with a bold choker – it will look spectacular. Opt for a white ensemble to channel a light, chic vibe but choose bolder colors for a night date. Be mindful of the accessories, too.

Be the Boss in a Leather Jacket

We love a leather jacket in all variants; this particular piece has the power to turn a dull outfit into an urban chic one in a matter of seconds! When you wear it with your bodycon, it will add edge; worn with jeans or wide legged pants – it will give the outfit the much needed urban feel. Try it!

5 Most Photogenic Clothes

Apart from these top five pieces that photograph amazingly, it never hurts to rely on some supporting pieces and jewelery for effect. We’ll lay out a few items we absolutely love – they may be inspiring for you, too.

Statement Jewellery/Accessories

Jewelry plays a big role in the way you are putting together an outfit; in fact, if you fail to choose the right pieces of accessories, your whole ensemble will suffer. Statement jewelry, like multiple rings or necklaces, one big necklace, a cuffing bracelet, a choker, looks stunning when manipulated well. Use your fashion talent to include fedoras, big statement bags, scarves and watches into your overall look and give your outfit a luxurious feel in second!

Keep it stylish your photographs will look spectacular! Good luck!

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