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5 Must-Have Apps for Interior Design Lovers ~ Amy Goldsmith

Best interior design apps

Having a difficult time choosing the best shade of paint for your bathroom? Or are you not quite sure whether that upholstery will be the perfect choice for your living room? Well, fear no more, there are some new interior design apps in town. These apps were devised as a helping tool for all interior design enthusiasts, but also for professional designers who need a little creative boost. So if you wish to get a proper insight into the world of home décor, these 5 interior design apps will give you the proper introduction:

1. ColorSnap


For all those who have trouble matching or choosing the suitable colours for their home interior, ColorSnap Visualizer provides you with the best colour choices you could imagine. Its best features include previewing paint colours in contemporary room scenes and also observing how those colours work in both daylight and nightlight. This colourful app created by the Sherwin-Williams Company requires iOS 7.0 compatibility and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

2. Houzz


If you are planning a huge home improvement or redecorating project, Houzz has it all covered. It provides the best inspiration, tools and also useful information about everything needed for one designer project. Among other helpful content, this app allows you to purchase their products straight from your phone or tablet. It also allows you to find professional interior designers, architects and home improvement contractor somewhere in your area.

3. Homestyler Interior Design


Classified as one of the best Apple products of 2013 by Macworld, this amazing application allows you to take a sneak peek into a real-life interior design projects. Have you ever seen a spectacular leather armchair that you are not quite sure whether it would fit in the ambient? Have you ordered custom blinds and shades, but you are still unsure if they will fit perfectly?

Or a complete kitchen that you would like to see how it would look in your house? Well, Homestyler Interior Design provides you with an opportunity to pick real products, furniture and decoration and see how they will look in your own home.

4. LikeThat Décor and Furniture


Designed as a sort of a virtual catalogue, this application gives you an insight in more than one thousand stores. Simply choose what you like and just LikeThat you are becoming a proud owner of a new furniture piece or a nice decoration product. This app allows you access over 25 million furniture pieces from thousands of merchants, to search for your products according to your location, to find a product you like using only a picture from your phone and even to save your finds and share them with your friends.

5. Pinterest


Pinterest represents a visual bookmarking tool with a goal to help you seek and save new ideas. It provides you with countless of possibilities, from planning your own home remodel, garden design to any other kind of DIY project. It also allows you to browse through an immense number of beauty tips, grooming and style inspirations. Other than all of this useful content, Pinterest app enables you to explore various articles, creative content and also different art and craft projects like woodworking, weaving, knitting and similar which could also be quite helpful when it comes to redecorating one’s home.

For all of you who find pleasure in discovering new and fresh ideas, redecorating your homes, choosing different patterns, furniture and decoration pieces, these apps enable you to enter the world of creative origination and help you in all your future designer ventures. Also, if you are a professional interior designer, among these applications you may find all sorts of useful tips and tricks that will allow you to do your job more efficiently and also give you a little imaginative boost. Feel free to explore an endless scope of stimulating and inspirational content that will allow you to completely express your creative side.

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne and an interior design enthusiast. You can contact her via her Twitter account.

Thanks Amy x

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