GUEST POST : Vintage Style Bathroom Design Ideas by Diana Smith

The spirit of the old days brings something so appealing to interior design and we love vintage style bathroom design at Love French Style Blog. Bathrooms, however large or small deserve a little vintage luxury too and if you are in a process of redesigning, with the idea of creating something different, vintage style design is certainly well worth considering. Adding vintage charm will change the entire atmosphere of the bathroom and give it that cosy, warm feeling of the old days without jeopardizing any functionality.

Here are this week’s guest blogger, Diana Smith’s tips to help you create the vintage style bathroom of your dreams.Vintage style bathroom design

Vintage style Concerns 
There seems to be some confusion about what vintage truly means when it comes to design elements. Although there is no strict rule, everything that is close to being 100 years old is considered vintage. This covers the period from the roaring twenties to the end of WWII. Another important consideration related to vintage design is that in order to make the bathroom look vintage it does not require a total remodeling. The best approach is incorporating certain décor elements and accessories of the vintage design into an existing style thus changing the entire feel and appearance of the space.

Vintage style bathroom design

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Walls are the best place to start incorporating vintage style décor. Painting the walls in neutral color palette with some of vintage style patterns, or choosing an interesting vintage wallpaper design are the easiest and at the same time very effective ways of making a strong vintage statement. The spirit of the 30s or the 40s will immediately enter your bathroom. Advertisements featuring product from the same period will reinforce the impact, just as vintage movie posters would, as well. WWII military memorabilia could also have a place at your vintage style bathroom walls, adding a strong sense of history.

Vintage Style bathroom design

Cabinets and shelving
Shelving has the upper hand when it comes to vintage design since cabinets were rarely used back in a day. Polished wood and marble design ones would be perfect for storing your vintage looking accessories, such as hairbrushes and combs, perfume bottles and similar. You can use additional storage solutions such as unfinished natural wood baskets and containers. If you must use a cabinet, opt for a solid wood one with a varnished texture, it beautifully emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship, which was particularly valued back then.

Vintage style bathroom design

Tubs, sinks and toilets
Probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to vintage bathroom design is a detached tub. A claw foot porcelain tub is an all-time classic design, with warm oval edges, deep and comfortable. A pedestal, curvy designed sink would be a perfect match if you prefer a Victorian Era. If you lean more to Craftsman look, opt for a straight edge one instead. When it comes to toilets, a detached tank with a handle attached to it by a long metal chain would be an icing on the cake. One thing is of crucial importance here, thou. Make sure your plumbing is suitable for accommodating these particular solutions and enjoy them without any worries.

Vintage style bathroom design

Another important feature of vintage bathroom design is lighting. There are several possible solutions here, all depending on electrical wiring of your bathroom. If it allows independent wall lighting fixtures, take them into strong consideration. Globe fixtures and boxy lanterns, both with prominent metal settings, would be a preferred choice here. On the other hand, if you have to use a ceiling fixture, a small chandelier would be a perfect embodiment of a vintage spirit. Reinforced with ornate mirror hanging on the wall these lighting fixtures will provide a true vintage spirit setting and emphasize all other design touches you incorporate.

Vintage Style Bathroom Design

When it comes to vintage design flooring, there are two choices, tile or wooden type. One thing is for sure, carpets have no place there. If you favor a tiled floor, marble would be a perfect embodiment of a Victorian Era. On the other hand, if you are more an Art Deco fan, hexagonal ceramic ones would be perfect. However, tiles can be rather expensive, particularly marble ones. Therefore, if you budget does not allow it, or you prefer wood, oak or varnished wood flooring are two favored options. If you already have a wooden floor, you can varnish it yourself and use the savings for other vintage design contributions.
Achieving a fully vintage designed bathroom can be overwhelming, but the final result surely makes it worthwhile. On the other hand, do not let that discourage you. A successful vintage style bathroom design is all about specific details and incorporating them into an existing bathroom design will make a dramatic change and establish a warm vintage feel as well.

French style blogger

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exploring new ways to improve her home on a low budget. Images from Creative Commons.

Thanks for your fab post Diana x

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