Hallelujah, it’s le #weekend! Building a French Style Bread Oven, Farrow & Ball Arsenic & Luxurious Lounge Pants

Well, hello there beautiful, it’s Friday!

This week the rain is mostly driving me insane. Where oh where are those lovely sunny spring days that fill us with hope, joy and clean soles on our shoes? My kitchen floor is filthy and the garden is a mess, so please just STOP raining now, ok?

Apart from the rain we had a great week. We embarked on some home schooling with a Montessori music teacher for Woody, it was amazing. I saw how talented my little boy is at music and I’m so happy to be encouraging him so we’re keeping our new friend and teacher, possibly forever! I’ve enjoyed cooking lovely things and taking my time over them to make them Belle this week and I had a strange encounter with an old French man in Intermarche carpark where I exchanged a fiver for a massive old light. I am going to transform it into a sparkling living room chandelier but first I’ve got to make a stylish new dog bed cover for my hairy pet, Audrey. Can you believe they told me she was a spaniel when I adopted her?

Landseer newfoundland


That’s my weekend chaps, here’s some more rather lovely things to check out this weekend, it will make a nice change from mopping the floors! Have a good one! x

#1 Build a Bread Oven!

Ok, so that’s quite a dramatic challenge for this weekend but these rainy old days could just be the perfect time to plan for the summer and make the most of your outdoor space. We don’t have an enormous garden, it’s all out front ( a bit like me boom boom ) and with a large chunk of our garden being taken up by an ancient old stone shed we are pretty sure it’s time it came down and a fab outdoor dining area went in it’s place. You can buy bread oven kits online and this outdoor oven on Pinterest looks fab.

Bread ovens

Image : Pinterest

A few years ago I went to a local woodland lunch with lots of men in string vests and dined on wild boar with lashings of red wine among the bluebells. A local builder turned up half way through with the most enormous and amazing loaf of bread I have ever seen; charred on the outside, floury and gorgeous in the middle. So, rather than get one online, as we have the expertise so close by, we’re going to get him to do it. I figure that creating a lovely eating area with a built in cooking facility is the way forward so that’s what we’re planning. It’s not just for bread either, fish, meats, casseroles all with a lovely wood fired taste. I cannot wait! Imagine the memories in this new lovely outdoor place with candles, late nights, laughter and friends. Could you do something wonderfully creative with your outdoor space? Get sketching…

#2 Buy Some Pink Tassel Earrings – go on treat yourself

Pink Tassel Earrings Etsy

Image : Jewelry Pops, Etsy

I just had to get these amazing pink tassel earrings from Jewelry Pop on Etsy and they look lush with a beautiful Breton top. I love them, don’t you?

#3 Add Green Accents with Farrow and Ball Arsenic Paint

French Style Home Farrow and Ball Arsenic

Image : Kimmy at Farrow and Ball

What an intriguing colour this is. I love the combination of simple white interiors and those lovely old green bottles on a shelf, so rustic French isn’t it? This dreamy green shade, Arsenic by Farrow and Ball is perfect for adding just a tiny pop of colour. Maybe a mirror? Shelf? Or mug cupboard? I got a tester pot and might just try it out on some enamel light shades I got from a house clearance.

#4 Eat French Style Roast Chicken with Tarragon and Vinegar

French roast chicken recipe

Image : BBC Good Food

I had a delicious meal at a French friend’s house a while ago and she made this amazing chicken dish using farm reared chicken roasted then served with a creamy mustard, tarragon and vinegar sauce. I can’t think of anything nicer this Saturday evening than sitting down to this with husband and little fellow and a lovely film. Here is a great recipe for Poulet Saute au Vinaigre on BBC Good Food. Serve with freshly steamed spinach, buttery baby potatoes and a lovely glass of Cotes de Rhone, this one looks fab at Waitrose for £8.99. Bon Appetit x

#5 Try Luxurious Lounge Pants

Luxury lounge Pants

The boys in our house take their trousers off the moment they set foot in the front door, it’s quite peculiar. They’re straight out of their jeans and into their lounge pants before I’ve even taken off my winter coat. To be honest, I never really got it until I recently joined in the slumbering one Sunday afternoon. Frankly I’m now wondering why I ever bothered staying belted into my skinny jeans all evening when there was so much comfort to be enjoyed in a pair of luxurious lounge pants! So, go on with you, get a pair and give in to the comfort. I love these lounge pants, and these ones and these French floral ones too.

Don’t miss Monday’s post, a little collaboration with The White Company baking spring treats, yum!

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