Hangover Cures for Face!

I hope you’re having fun and loving the party season and it’s not even Christmas yet! If you’re not loving the puffy face that comes with it, read on. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wear a hangover all over your face, not just with a throbbing head. While neurofen might sort the head out, your face may still be showing tell tale signs of the antics of the night before. We never so learn that Bordeaux plus Grey Goose plus Beer really isn’t a fabulous idea any time of year…

If you need to magic yourself into someone beautiful by teatime or need to shake the Ole Red Eyes look from your desk first thing then try one of these quick beauty treats for a quick hangover cure for your face…

1. Eight Hour Miracle Cream, Elizabeth Arden at John Lewis £32.00

Top Hangover Cures for Face

2. Beauty Flash Balm, Clarins at John Lewis £29.00

Hangover cures for face

3. Wild Rose Beauty Balm, Neal’s Yard Remedies £38.00

Miracle creams

4. Aveda Botanicals Kinetics Exfoliant at Harrods £18.00

Exfoliators for hangovers

5. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray 50ml £5.65

Evian Spray

For more tips on natural hangover cures for your face that you can knock up at home, check out these tips from the Refinery 29 Blog.

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