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A stylish home redesigned by Hartley and Rose in West London.







There really is nothing more disappointing than searching the internet for a much needed family holiday and stumbling across page after page of cottages in the perfect area but with the most dreadful interiors. I might love a sea view but I just wouldn’t be able to enjoy it from a living room with a thick layer of dust, lace dolls on the mantelpiece and a swirly old carpet. It isn’t because I am in any way picky – I would happily camp too but I do believe that price should reflect quality and there are an awful lot of holiday cottages out there that really let the side down.

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Whether you’re celebrating the quintessential English seaside at Southwold or basking in the heat of Provence, for me, a holiday house should either be on a par with if not better than you already have at home.  This ongoing issue with low quality holiday accommodation inspired interior designer Rose Kirkwood to offer a redesigning service for holiday home owners in the UK and France to up their game. Rose adores French style homes and is truly passionate about bringing the chic French touch to her clients’ homes wherever they may be. After taking on their own little French project, New Zealand born Rose and her English husband struggled to find the right kind of furnishings to bring her little French home back to life authentically,

“We loved the village and the surrounding areas as it reminded me of New Zealand and my English husband of Berkshire with the sun out! Hartley and Rose has grown from an idea to furnish local properties to our interest in France.  As we now have French suppliers and a selection of European suppliers that deliver into France.  We are competitive and are keen to see the French gites retaining their original style.”

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Rose has a beloved holiday home that she has lovingly restored in the Charente department but has embarked on several successful home staging projects in the UK too – from a scruffy flat that had sat on the market for an age without a viewing to offering an exquisite makeover to an impressive coastal home. Her professional design service for holiday accommodation brings her work in Devon and France to help improve bookings, ratings and a better customer experience. She’s determined that in offering a well priced service that she can help raise the bar on the quality of holiday home accommodation available. Her latest focus is on improving the outdoor space at holiday cottages as these beautiful pictures from a beach home on a budget show.

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We can design rooms, or simply deliver selected furniture…







“We can design rooms, or simply deliver selected furniture or supply everything down to knives and forks.  We are affordable and because we deal directly with suppliers our prices are always below retail.  So even if a client would like a few items we can help them out.  We know from experience that taking time to decorate your french gite can make a significant difference to bookings and experiences.”

Adding elegant touches to even the smallest space can make your holiday accommodation stand out from the rest, indoors and out. From a carefully placed cushion on a welcoming bench in the shade to a well dressed coffee table, Rose loves the simple and rustic style of the French.

“It would be my long term wish to have a warehouse in France where we can recycle french furniture and just concentrate on French houses, but for now we remain in Devon and work on both markets.”

Rose clearly has a fabulous designer’s eye and can work in many different styles. If you’re thinking of investing in a second property to rent out as a holiday home, you can contact Rose Kirkwood through her Interior Design For Holiday Homes Website where she can design, shop and style your new venture for you!

Don’t forget you can also visit our French Style Home Picks at the Love French Style Decor Shop here and give your home the magic French touch!

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4 thoughts on “Hartley & Rose Holiday Home Design : The Magic French Touch

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    We know that your home is not only the place that you return to at the end of each day but is also a unique space that enhances your comfort. The comfort of your family and guests is determined by the different aspects of home decor that you incorporate in house.

  2. Anna Kirsen

    Hi Katie. One difficulty is, is that many holiday cottage owners take the view that the guests are going to ruin the decor anyway so they shop for ‘art’ to decorate their home with in the local supermarket!

    1. Katie Anderson Post author

      Hi Anna, this is unfortunately so true! I’ve seen so many holiday places with any old junk chucked in to decorate them! My feeling has always been that if you start off with a beautiful place that most people will respect it X

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