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The French have always been famous for being inimitably stylish regarding fashion, interior design and lifestyle in general. They’re masters of combining classy with contemporary style, most noticeably in Paris’ distinctive and elegant architecture. From the glorious buildings, balconies made of wrought iron and spacious apartments with beautiful and uber-chic architectural details, the French love of home decorating is reflected perfectly.

Paris has been influenced by some of the major styles and designs through history like art deco, cabaret and Mediterranean style. With magnificent high ceilings, antique pieces like grand chandeliers, floor-length windows, streamlined modern furniture and different hues of white, grey, black and gold, it’s possible to create a unique and timeless design where old meets new. By incorporating a few styling secrets, it is easy to create a crème-de la-crème Parisian design chez vous too.

Parisian Apartment Style Inspiration


One of the super-stylish elements often seen in Parisian apartments is a statement chandelier. Old or new but always dripping with crystals, it adds a mixture of grandeur, bohemian style and classic French glamour.  Matched with traditional furniture or more modern designs, a grand chandelier should always be bigger than you would imagine for maximum impact. Placed in the dining room, you can create a lovely atmosphere perfect for family gatherings, nice and low above the table, it can also add magic to a living room or kitchen.

Paris Apartment Style Inspiration

Potted plants on the balcony

A typical French balcony is wrapped in ornately shaped wrought iron and is the perfect place to grow some wonderful potted plants. Having a balcony garden creates intimacy and brings an air of freshness and greenery to your window view making it a small romantic oasis – ideal for relaxing while having a cup of café au lait. Colourful flowers placed in beautiful ceramic pots will add charm and create a vignette that encapsulates the essence of Paris.

Paris Apartment Style Inspiration

A Blank Canvas

White is a safe colour to decorate with as it creates endless possibilities when it comes to refurbishing and decorating with accessories. Parisians love this colour as most of the flats in the city have high ceilings which bring more light into the living area making it even more spacious feeling.  While a creamy white monochromatic colour is most frequently used as a base, different shades of grey and black can be added to soften the room and create a more contemporary, relaxed atmosphere.

A Decorative Rug

A large decorative rug is the focal point of every Parisian apartment floor. Despite a recent trend to leave the flooring empty, most Parisians opt for a nice thick patterned rug in order to reduce the noise and  add some color which offers a good contrast to the white walls. There are a wide array of rugs in various shapes, sizes and colors that can complement the rest of the décor. An effective rug doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be stylish. There are many chic and cheap rugs that can create warmth and bring artistic value to the room.

paris Apartment Style Inspiration

Vamp Up Vintage Style

We have already mentioned that a typical Parisian style includes mixing and matching of classical and contemporary designs and this is what makes a top-notch interior design. The vintage look has been gaining popularity for some time now and it sits beautifully in modern spaces to add instant character.

Flea markets have become great places to search for one off pieces of artwork or an old plush chair to add some personality to an interior. Paris is famous for its brocantes, a Parisian flea market, where you can look for curiosities to embellish room schemes and add a sense of timeless charm. They key to the look is combining modern sleek lines with traditional French style.

Paris Apartment Home Style Inspiration


Where would a nice Parisian apartment be without beautiful artwork? Paris has a long tradition of prominent artists and the French love to create a stylish home atmosphere by bringing artwork into their living spaces. The French home style particularly appreciates avant-garde art, which creates a more subtle look and can be found in many Parisian apartments.

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