Home Renovation Tips for Getting it Right 1st Time

We’ve all seen the TV shows on heading off to start a new life in France and, when there’s a house renovation at the heart of it  – we’re hooked! When designing or re-designing your home, failure to plan ahead may really set you back in the long run. A mistake which can be costly and disheartening. Here are some key points to consider – 

  1. Hire a contractor

Despite the expense of hiring a contractor, you are far more likely to get a job well done. Particularly if your skills with a hammer and a paintbrush don’t pass muster, a contractor will save you both time and money in the long run with the professional touch, instead of failing at the first post. 

  1. Hire a professional interior designer

You have probably flicked through a few catalogues, or browsed articles about home design on sites such as ours. By doing so, you will have picked up a few ideas that will help you formulate design plans for your home. Perfect! However, there are all kinds of nuances involved in remodelling your home, and an interior designer will use trained eyes to help you pick up on aspects you may never have thought about. They will also have access to fabric and products that are not available to the general public, so you may get something that closer approximates your ideas for a dream home.

  1. Don’t forget permits

If you violate any zoning or building laws with your home design project, you are going to incur the wrath of your local government inspectors, as well as your neighbours. This is another reason why hiring a contractor is useful as they should know what is required, but if you do manage any of the workload yourself, check with your government office on what you are allowed (and not allowed) to do.

  1. Safety matters

It goes without saying that you need to keep your home safe during any renovation project you undertake, but for longevity, you need to fit your home with fixtures that won’t prove hazardous to your health. This includes doors that are fire-resistant (check out UK Oak Doors for an attractive example) and ensuring all electrical appliances fall within safety regulations.

Design ideas for a safe home also include non-slip floor tiles in your bathroom and kitchen, induction hobs on your kitchen counter, well-placed light switches to avoid any fumbling around in the darkness, and storage areas to cover exposed cables and wiring from living room appliances.

  1. Have foresight

We can’t predict the future, but there are probably things you are planning to achieve in your home. If you plan on having a family, for example, you need to design bedroom space and use a child-proofing checklist to manage each room in your house accordingly. If you plan on having elderly relatives coming to stay, a downstairs bedroom may be more manageable than an upstairs one.

If you are somebody who enjoys entertaining, designing your home to accommodate your guests is also a good idea, perhaps with a room that functions as a social area. Plan ahead, and you won’t have to make massive alterations in the future.

Have we missed anything? Do you have any ideas for getting home design right the first time? Be sure to let us know by adding to our comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Rachel Frampton

    My husband and I bought a luxury home about two years ago, and we’re planning to have it renovated this time, since it kind of looks like outdated. I agree with you that it will be best to hire an interior designer because aside form their skills, they also have access to fabrics and other necessary products in terms of beautifying the home. We’ll also keep in mind to hire contractors that are knowledgeable regarding the importance permit and documents needed for renovations. https://a2ebuilders.com/

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