HOUSEKEEPING – Getting Rid of Musty Winter Smells!

With the Beast from the East forcing everyone in Europe indoors, now is the best time to become aware of the household winter chaos in your home: socks, scarves, and gloves accumulate in piles in the living room, ready to keep you warm when you go outside. The coat rack in the hall is most likely bending under the weight of several coats, all wet from melted snow. And, if you’ve been struggling with a nasty cold, it’s likely that every corner of the house is armed with a pack of tissues too – nice!

In other words, winter isn’t exactly the ally of a clean and neat home. More importantly, if you’re lucky enough to have still a sense of smell – which is a rare thing when the cold weather hits  – you might start to notice the need to have a spring clean. Spending so much time indoors can generate some musty odours, here’s how to freshen up and tidy up effectively. 

winter spring clean


It doesn’t matter how much you try to keep your home clean; clutter can accumulate easily and rapidly. One evening you’re feeling a little too tired to put your coats and hat away when coming back home, and suddenly you wake up to an exhibition of your wardrobe in every room. The main issue with clutter is that it’s the perfect hiding spot for dust, dust mites, and other invisible guests in your home, leading to unpleasant odours. There is no way around it. You need to get yourself a storage unit to keep an organised and easy to clean home. Ultimately, dust can facilitate the formation of mould, while clutter can hide a pest invasion right under your eyes.

The carpet of doom

If there is a stagnant smell in your home, it might come from the carpet fibres. Indeed, the fibres in your carpet and your rug can trap odours for a variety of reasons. For instance, if your pet accidentally peed on the carpet, you can find it difficult to get rid of the smell, especially if you didn’t notice as it happened. Additionally dust, dirt particles and even smoke can remain stuck to the fibres. More often than not, you will need a professional carpet and rug cleaning to get your home smelling fresh again. However, this isn’t a miracle solution. If your carpet is old and the fibres are breaking down, there is little that can be done to fix it.

Goodbye damp, hello fresh air

Finally, if you live in an old build, you might be struggling with dampness as a result of porous walls, weak insulation, or lack of ventilation.  The damp smell in a room can not only be oppressing, but it also puts people with a weak immune system at risk. Consequently, you need to identify the source of the issue rapidly. Additionally, even if you fix the cause of the excess moisture in your home, you will need to get rid of the smell in the room(s).

A fresh smelling home will not keep you warm against the Beast from the East. But it will help to keep viruses and infections at bay! Who thought that fighting the winter flu could start in the cosy comfort of your home?

* a collaborative post


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