How Embarrassing, I’ve Got Mobile Phone Hand!

Well, there is nothing more complex to this post than the title would leave you to believe. Until a fortnight ago I was actually, believe it or not suffering from mobile phone hand! My thumb on the left hand was really stiff and stuck in a claw like position while my finger on the right was the same. Now that you have finished laughing your head off and are firmly back in your seat, I shall explain…

So, for about a month, I seemed to be suffering with really painful hands, to the point that I was struggling at the gym to lift or place my hands on the ground. I just couldn’t understand it. Did I have early onset of arthritis? I popped down to the new plot of land and picked up a fallen over fence panel one day and my hand literally gave way from under me. I was actually getting quite concerned.

Then, one day watching me struggling along scrolling through Facebook, my dear husband said, “well look at your hands and where they are hurting, it’s your phone!” OMG, he was right. clearly this is because I use a mobile like a geriatric, clinging on tightly to it in one hand and not really grasping the concept of a tactile screen by pressing too hard flicking through posts and pages on the other. I told one of the other ladies who helps with the school swimming each week who is in her seventies and she nearly fell in the pool laughing.

Then, by chance my lovely friend Allison Sanders of Riverside Retreat near Jarnac invited me over for a fantastic facial. While she was at it she massaged my arms and hands. Ouch! They were SO sore! Allison really is an amazing therapist so don’t hesitate if you are looking for a massage therapist in Charente – she’s fabulous. She did also absolutely wet her pants laughing about my injury! However, session over, and after an incredible Vegan lunch ( thanks Brian ) I drove home and popped my mobile away in the drawer for the night feeling somewhat embarrassed!

The next morning, I am pleased to say, the pain in my hands had completely gone. I had actually given myself some kind of Instagram scrolling RSI. SO, moving on, hanging my head in shame about how much I was actually using my phone, I am embarking on a tech detox every once in a while.

It’s helping.


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