How to Be Better at Blogging

I’ve recently taken a short break from blogging, because, in all honesty, I needed to reassess where I was with it all. I will let you into a secret, I have at times over the past few years found many aspects of blogging – particularly the financials, gets right on my tits. Unfortunately, in our ever greedy world of wanting everything for nothing, we are all just a teeny bit guilty of fanning the flames of the terrible underpaying that goes on in the blogging world. That said, there are many, many blogs out there that make huge financial gains, are you one of them? If you are, bravo, I have probably subscribed to your channel on Youtube! If you’re not, read on…

In my time as a blogger, I have spent a lot of time reading other people’s blogs. Some are truly inspiring, some, less so. What actually makes a great blog anyway? I thought that given my recent thoughts about blogging that I would share my tips with you all on how to get the most out of your writing. I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Discover your niche – If you spend enough time looking, you will find that there are a million different things for you to write about. I mean there are literally whole blogs devoted to gallbladder cleanses out there, I know, I’ve read them! My point is that if you are going around in circles trying to crack on with an interior style blog but actually get more interest when you post about your cheat’s lasagne then perhaps it’s time to change tack. Do you know what is it that you are truly passionate about? Once you find your true love, writing about it will become a joy. This will hopefully help you to whittle down the list of people you want to work with in the future to help you make more from your blogging in more ways than one.
  2. You are amazing, so share your talent – No-one in the world is amazing at absolutely everything. Fact! I spend a great deal of time explaining to my 7 year old that no-one knows everything because, even he at his tender young age feels a bit down about things from time to time. Remember, no-one knows everything and I firmly believe this to be true. Spending too much time poking about on Instagram can definitely make you feel inadequate, like you don’t know enough about anything at all! So, look away for a day and give your eyes and brain a rest, you may find it helps your writer’s block no end. Absolutely every single person on earth has something to teach someone else about something. Whether that is how to catch a fast moving lizard with your bare hands or how to cook up an Asian storm with just 5 ingredients. If you have something to share or can provide a platform to share other people’s talent then use your blog to do it. Think of your work as a blogger as like curating a really amazing online book and be choosy about what you publish.
  3. Just say No! – If I had a tenner for every email I receive asking me to publish guest posts, I would have been a millionaire years ago! Quite recently though, the bombarding of emails asking for published posts got way out of control. This was mostly due to the continuous negotiating down from what was already a minimal fee. In the end I was haggling over being asked to publish posts for a fiver. It’s important that you know this isn’t only happening to you! On one occasion I was even called DONALD in an email. This just confirmed to me what I already knew to be true – never, ever undersell yourself. I needed to make a rule to not accept this type of conversation at all anymore so that’s what I did. My main reason? I just think the whole business of blogging becomes more one of blagging, the posts are badly written, about a load of tosh and the fee is pitiful. This works both ways, don’t agree to write for these types of businesses either. I joined an American writing agency a couple of years ago and the exploitation of writers was UNBELIEVABLE. The time spent editing another’s work is just simply not feasible, the hourly rate worked out at 1$!!! We don’t like to know our clothes are made by slave labourers so why do we allow it with the stuff we read online? It makes no sense!
  4. Make the Internet a More Interesting Place – I am often lead via a google search to an article about something I need to know more about. This might well be on how to fix a broken lipstick on a Monday morning, how to make a pizza blanco on a Saturday night or even how to stop a small dog barking on a Sunday afternoon. My google history is fascinating I know. However, quite often, two sentences in, littered with errors I abandon reading because I realise I that I have been hooked into reading one of these shite posts written for a pound. My passion is not for regurgitating posts about home security systems nor is it for mentioning a hair loss product that is totally irrelevant to my blog fifty times in two sentences, it shouldn’t be yours either. Always, always be as professional as you can with your writing, write properly, about subjects that you are truly passionate about and help clear out this chaff that is taking over our search engine results. Whatever it is that you write about, there has to be room for you and your beautiful musings amongst this junk so provide better articles and in turn feel better about what you are churning out.
  5. Be Creative! – Finally, if blogging is your passion, then write about what inspires you most. I was recently given a book to read called ” Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. It is such an inspiring read to people like you and I who enjoy a creative thought process and I would urge you to read it if you are struggling to have the confidence to see your creative project through. Always, always be creative because your fabulous mind is your best friend at the end of the day, and we all know how much more we achieve with a little love and help along the way. X
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