How To Make Up A Room For Guests

How do you rate yourself as a host? I love having guests, even in our tiny house. Maybe you’ve recently invested in a holiday rental to hire out? Or maybe you’re going to be putting up guests for the first time. Unsure of where to start?

Here’s Love French Style’s Tips on How To Make Up A Room For Guests.


Obvious as it sounds, there’s nothing nicer than to arrive to a lovely, clean guestroom, and now, more importantly than ever you need to ensure your home is nice and clean. Having run a B&B for a while and a property management business for rental homes, I’m never without a portable cleaning kit! More and more I find using natural cleaning products to be so much nicer than classic ones and some of the old school French cleaning tricks are brilliant.

Combined with washable microfibre cloths, good old viinegar is your new cleaning companion – with this, you can wipe clean window sills, tops of chests of drawers, bedside tables with ease. I usually use a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water with a couple of drops of lavender oil to clean most things. Windows come up a treat when spritzed with this and wiped clean with a non lint shedding cloth, an old tea towel is perfect for this. If you have pillow cases with stains like mascara on them then rubbing a little Marseille Soap into them is a great way to help lift the stain before popping them in the washing machine.

Making The Bed

If you haven’t already, do invest in some good quality bedding, a new duvet, pillows and mattress topper if you need one will make the world of difference to your guest bedroom and the kind of nights sleep your guests have in your spare room! I would always choose natural fibres with as higher thread count as possible for a cool and comfortable nights sleep.

Tips on Getting Duvet Covers On

There’s a couple of handy tricks you can try if you’re not one for making a nice, pretty bed. Literally some duvets seem impossible to get in their covers don’t they?! First things first, make sure your duvet is not too big or too small for the cover. If it’s too big it will look like there’s someone already in the bed, too small and the cover will drape limply down to the floor either side.

Something a dear old friend told us years ago is that you can use pegs to hold a duvet in place at the top once inside the duvet cover while you straighten out the rest! Just one peg on each side to hold each corner in. Genius! Personally, I prefer the inside out approach. With the duvet cover inside out, put your hands up inside the fabric to each top corner then grab hold of the top of each side of the duvet and shake so that the duvet slips easily into place.

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I personally love a hospital corner on a guest room bedsheet, that’s when you fold a sheet back on itself to create a nice v shape at the head and foot of the bed. I’d opt for a well fitting flat sheet for summer and remember to get a deep fit one if you have a big mattress so you can’t see the mattress when looking from the side.

In summer, I always use a flat sheet which after tucking in at the foot I pull right up to the pillows then fold neatly back and finish the bed with a nice stylish bed throw. A lot of the time though we use duvet covers in the summer just without the duvet inside. Add cushions if you like to embellish but don’t overdo them, it’s nice to be able to actually get in the bed too.

Always wash your bedding at 60 degrees and hang it out to dry in the garden for the freshest smelling bedsheets. Same for towels unless you like them fluffy then you’ll need to use your tumble dryer. We are a bit old fashioned in this house, we like them soft but like them to have enough texture to dry you too!

Guest Room Decor and Accessories

I think it’s really nice to have a room in your house that’s free from personal niknaks. It is quite a luxury having a spare room of course and not all of us do. Even if your guest room is a sofa bed in an office, it’s a nice exercise in being tidy and optimising on some decent storage. I’d really only choose a handful of nice decorative pieces for your guest room decor. You may find that you have one too many things in another room that can be better shown off in your spare room space so shop at home before you shop online.

If you are thinking about getting some new things though, right now, I’d be looking at getting a concrete or aged terracotta vase to hold country style flowers in a nice ditsy way, a couple of nice pieces of wall art, I’ve mentioned Posterlounge before for this, I think their wall art is brilliant. I would always have two bedside lamps, I love the bedroom lighting at La Redoute. If you don’t have symmetrical plug sockets either side of the bed, it is perfectly fine to use a multi plug extension made for lamps.

Finally I’d also add some nice bedroom hooks or a towel rail. If you use a nice hanging rail in your guest bedroom you can avoid having to have a full sized wardrobe or even a chest of drawers.


Although some people are not fans of putting the guest room towels at the end of the bed, I rather like it if there’s no ensuite bathroom for guests. Alternately you could put them on top of a chest of drawers or even on a suit case rack if you wanted to. I think it adds a nice touch in the room and for me says “welcome” more than anything else! You can pop a nice lavender stem on top of your guest towels too for a really lovely welcome, or even sweeter, a nice little handwritten note.

A Bedroom Welcome Tray

Whether you’re running a bed and breakfast or just love making your house guests feel at home, a welcoming bedroom tray is a lovely added touch for your guest bedroom decor. I would add a nice little vase with some fresh flowers, either a closed jug of tap water or a nice glass bottle with water and of course a couple of pretty glasses. If you wanted to add tea and coffee you could too but I think water is enough for a guest bedroom at home.

Fresh Flowers

As I mentioned above, having some fresh flowers in your guest bedroom looks so pretty and just finishes everything off so nicely for your visitors. It needed cost the earth if you buy nice cottage style blooms to add to the welcome tray above or you could pop a stem in a small glass vase either side of the bed. Ask your florist for eucalyptus leaves, hydrangea heads or collect a little handful of whatever you have growing wild in the garden.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and are enjoying your guests this summer! X

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