Hurrah! It’s le #weekend : Parisian Style Leopard Print Pumps, Vintage French Treasures &, (ew) Pelvic Floor Exercises!

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Bonjour Vendredi, well, look at that, here you are again!

It’s been a busy old week; it started with a covert operation to buy and sneak in a marble kitchen table into my house and finished with finding rainy day activities for the little fella during the school holidays ( I don’t want him to go back to school ever ). My Shellac finally chipped after our three amazing weeks together – but only because I was playing battleships with Woody, and, I’ve developed a weird obsession with finding the perfect pair of vintage ear climber earrings, any ideas?

Here’s a few fab things to try this weekend, have a great one! x

#1 Shop For Leopard Print Pumps

Best Leopard Print PumpsChannel a bit of the old Parisian Style this weekend with a beautiful little splurge that won’t let you down. I’m applying a lot of attention to purchasing a delicious new pair of Leopard Print Pumps. I never, ever tire of leopard print, ever! I think these look amazing with anything, from dressing up jeans to dressing down skirts and tights. These are my current lust after with just the right amount of point, pony skin texture and tassels, oui oui oui…and they’re called Florence, enough said!

 Boden Florence Flat Point £69

#2 Indulge in Some Luxury – Bubble Drinking

French Champagne Offers

I’m going to treat myself to a crisp glass of French Champagne tonight. I’ve given up midweek tippling and I’m going for that French style less is more approach, quality over quantity and all that. At least that is the intention. Waitrose Cellar has a 33% off special offer on champagne which would be worth a nosey at. If you prefer Prosecco, ( I love that too ), then I can let you in to another secret! At Waitrose Cellar you can pick up a bottle of Valdo Ora Prosecco for just £8.99 right now. Santé, let’s get this weekend off to a bang!

#3 Take A Mini French Cookery Masterclass Online

French cooking courses online

I absolutely LOVE Skillshare. It’s an amazing online resource full of mini courses on just about anything you can imagine for a tiny price. I love their online blogger photography courses and DIY courses, imagine making that lovely lampshade? But you could also get cheffing à la Française this weekend on there too. This one looks good on how to make French macarons

#4 Go Vintage Treasure Hunting

vintage French style home

I adore that feeling of coming across something you haven’t seen in a while; the earring you thought you’d lost, a photo that makes you look young or a lovely letter from a friend – I think that’s why I love vintage things so much. You never know what you might find when you go off hunting about for vintage treasures. Some French people invited me into a house they were clearing out this week and I was like a magpie sitting on a nest of sparkling diamonds. There’s so much fun to be had rifling through boxes of old things, all with a little clean up operation on the horizon and a new home to go to. On Monday I will be featuring a beautiful Charente bed and breakfast with a vintage French interior, you’ll love it so don’t miss it.

I’m also currently bargaining online with someone for a 5e French vintage chandelier…I’ll let you know if I get it! Is there a little car boot on near you this weekend to fulfill the bargain hunter in you? Or a brill charity shop you’ve not been to for a while? Take an hour or two for a little rummage and remind yourself how much you love history too.

#5 5 Minutes, 5 Pelvic Floor Squeezes

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Finally, and, erm, rather embarrassingly, I gave myself a bit of a fright this week lifting a freezer. You know how some people are those die hard pelvic floor exercise experts who love talking about their privates? I’m not. However, I lifted a freezer this week, and a marble table and a three and three quarter year old and frankly it was beginning to feel rather like the ground floor dropped out if you catch my drift.

I think it’s fair to say that if there’s one area of the human body it isn’t good to be relaxed in then this is it. So, allez, a nice few gentle pelvic floor exercises while hoovering this weekend, it’s not as bad as trying to do a handstand and a breeze to do a quick ten washing up. James Duiggan clean eating and bodyism book talks a lot about pelvic floor and weight and he also thinks doing your exercises gives you a flat tummy aswell – result. You can get his Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast!: The healthy way to a totally toned tummy in 14 days book here. ( That’s me on the front cover…) Good luck.

Do you know in France they offer to hook you up to special machines once a week to work this little group of muscles after childbirth? Moving swiftly on…

Here’s a sneak preview of Monday’s post on the Vintage French Bed and Breakfast I visited this week. Gorgeous.

vintage French bed and breakfast in Charente

Bon weekend x

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