Incorporating French Fashion Into Your Wardrobe

French women seem to be able to pull off any style they want don’t they? From styling a chic French style home to an enviable lifestyle of long lunches, Breton stripes and staying slim. How do these French women manage to look so effortlessly gorgeous all the time?

Here’s a few ideas on weaving a little French magic into your everyday wardrobe. 

How to dress French

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  1. Develop a Signature Look

Here at Love French Style Blog we love the idea of creating a signature look. How refreshing to ignore the trends and just wear what you know suits you best. While a trend can be great if it suits your frame and body, you should definitely avoid one if it doesn’t and hone your own personal style instead. For spring days, we love simple long sleeve shirts, a brilliant staple that suits most shapes and sizes and looks amazing with classic jeans and pumps or shorts for summer.  

How to dress French

2. Go for Natural Hair

There may be a hairdressing salon on every street in French towns but the most natural French women don’t worry about styling. How’s about trying the au naturel look? Let your hair do the work for you and let it flow effortlessly over your shoulders. If you need to add a little volume or texture try some sea salt spray, or use a little Argan oil to smooth down frizz. Just think of the time you’ll save!

3. Breton Striped Shirt

Stripes are perhaps one of the oldest French fashion stereotypes! So true, but if you pop on a Breton striped shirt you will look effortlessly cool à la Française. Pair it with some pale skinny jeans and ankle boots or pumps for a sexy, feminine look to work across all seasons.

How to dress French

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4. Trench Coat

Coincidentally this fashion fundamental is coming back into fashion for spring 2018. You shouldn’t have any trouble then finding a perfect little trench à la French to go with almost every outfit you own. Finding that one trench coat which suits your style might take a bit of searching, but once you have it you will never want to let it go.

how to dress french

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5. It’s All About The Fit

Always stick to clothes that fit your figure. Even if the trend at the time is all about baggy tees and hareem pants, pick items to flatter your natural figure. Accentuate your curves, hide your flaws and be comfortable in your own skin. This is the motto of French style.

6. Neutral Colours

There’s often a fine line between French and Scandinavian design and both favour a simple palette. Keep it cool with base colours of grey, white and black and add splashes of colour with well chosen accessories.  

7. Go Tuxedo

Mais Oui! This might sound a little bit odd, but there’s nothing that says cool more than a fabulous one piece. Many French women go for the androgynous chic look rather than choose a dress for dinner. A tux is a stylish way to show off your figure and make a bold style statement at the same time – pair with the perfect heel for added height.

how to dress french

8. A Classic Red Lip

Find your perfect shade of red and don’t be afraid to wear it everyday. Matched with marl greys or jet black you can polish your French look to a T. A strike of red lipstick takes jeans to evening with ease – giving your French look wardrobe more mileage. 

9. Channel Chanel

When you are having one of those days when you can’t decide what to wear, think of what Coco Chanel would do. She was a pioneer in fashion and is the inspiration behind much of France’s design. Take inspo from some of the classics she wore and be inspired to create your own capsule look.

10. Dress Pour Toi

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else when choosing what to wear. You can take inspiration from those around you but the most important thing to remember is to stick to your own personal style. You are unique and you want to show that through what you wear. Dress yourself in order to feel good and confident, not to impress others. You will find your style over time and it will be unique to you and you alone.

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