Is it Possible to Look 10 Years Younger?

I used to love the way in France I got called Mademoiselle, it made me feel so young! Then one day, I was in a shop and was addressed as Madame! I clearly now look my age, 41. Do you? 

Do you think it’s possible with the right routine and wardrobe to actually take years off? I mean, is it possible to look a whole 10 years younger? Here are a few tips on trying!

Improving Your Complexion

Your skin is usually the first thing that makes people think you look older than you are in reality. Lots of women work stressful jobs these days, and that, combined with child rearing, wifing and everything else we multitask can result in us getting wrinkles in some pretty embarrassing areas. While it’s not really possible without surgery to remove your wrinkles you can drastically improve your complexion to make you look and feel a whole lot better.

Firstly, think about conducting some research to work out which are the best moisturiser brands for your skin type. There are many different ones on the market, but some perform better than others. My current favourite is actually a factor 30 suncream, it’s incredible and I saw a difference straight away in my overall skintone. Secondly, you might think about arranging a facial at your local beauty salon for a really good cleanse, mask and exfoliation. Both of those steps could really freshen your skin and potentially make you look years younger than you do right now.

Getting a Swish New Hairstyle

Opting for a new hairstyle is one of the easiest and fastest ways to alter your appearance and take years off your perceived age. You can search online for ideas or click here to learn more about some of the most popular styles out there at the moment. Maybe a short and straight style would work well? Or perhaps you’d adore bouncy curls?

If you get stuck for ideas; you can always ask the professionals at your local salon for suggestions. The people who work in those places deal with hairstyles all day long. So, they tend to know about the latest fashions before anyone else, and, they’ll consider your face shape, lifestyle and colouring to work out which styles are most suitable for you.

A Lesson in Makeup

If you’re not lucky enough to have a great beauty technician close by that you regularly use then you can search online or use this link to find out more about finding the right person to trust your face to. A really good beautician has the skills you need to make you look and feel glamorous in minutes. A good eye brow shaping and learning new makeup techniques can be really liberating and in the long run bring your look right up to date. Is it time to even out your skin tone with some fantastic foundation? Do your eye makeup differently or opt for a fuller looking lip?

Great hair, great skin and good, no makeup makeup can make you look a million dollars in just a simple t shirt and good fitting jeans. 

Buying a New Wardrobe

On the subject of clothing, no new look is complete without a little wardrobe TLC. My advice would always be to get everything out and be really brutal about things you want to keep. I am a sucker for holding on to old clothes that are just tiny and will possibly never ever go near my waistline again! Dodgy prints, shapeless cuts, toe pinching shoes, if in doubt – chuck it out!

Try to stick to classics and add just a few on trend pieces to your closet for fun. A really good white shirt, a great pair of jeans, soft sweaters, linen mix t-shirts and smart shorts can form the basis of a really clever capsule wardrobe. Chopping and changing accessories with the seasons with bright pops of colour to bring your look to life.  Take advice from your friends and listen to their suggestions as you check out the latest fashions on the high street. Hopefully, this should manage to point you in the right direction to pick out some great new outfits. 

Have you ever had a makeover? Did it make you look and feel 10 years younger? 

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