It’s Le Weekend :5 Favourite Winter Scoops

Well bonjour to you all, wasn’t it a fun, festive time? But jeepers, isn’t it nice to eat a bit less once all the tinsel is away too? Are you now dreaming of your summer holidays?

I’m trying to have a lean month to recover from the festivities but, as is usually the way when you set your sights on a no spend month, there are a few things that flash at you like a beacon and hang about long enough in your online basket for you to press PROCEED TO CHECKOUT….here’s 5 of my faves.

1.Au Revoir Dirty Windows

We have had resurfacing work going on out the front of our house for a good 6 weeks now and, while the end product is going to look fantastic, it is er, taking it’s time shall we say. We have one of those French houses with mostly windows just facing South. This is quite a common design (flaw) in our region, the idea being to allow the warm southerly sun in and keep the north winds away by not having any window openings behind the house. Whilst I see the logic, it can feel a bit hemmed in at times. So, the point being is that my lovely sunny French windows to the front of the house have got extremely dirty of late and every time I attempt to clean them, they just end up looking worse.

We always used to use a window cleaner in the UK but in this area it’s not a service I have ever seen advertised for domestic properties. Result, dirty windows covered in dog paw prints 99 percent of the time. Cue practical Dad who says, ” What you need is a Karcher window cleaner “. I couldn’t really justify the spend tbh to begin with, however…

Here it is and I LOVE it. 10 minutes and the house was sparkling, including the mirrors inside. Who knew! If you’re in the same boat, don’t hesitate to fork out 48e for this set, frankly you’ll be thankful of this super little device that tucks away neatly under the kitchen sink. I think the window vac is particularly useful if you have pets and or kids, it’s very quick and easy to use and saves a lot of elbow grease. You may find you do still need to do a quick swish over with a microfibre cloth afterwards, just in a few small areas.

2.A Grey Roll Neck

Strictly a purchase from December and 19e99 that I have worn time and time again. I love grey for winter, so nice with jeans and the lovely green coat I found in Mango. I really love pulling this softest soft grey roll neck on with a slick of red lippy and if you buy one thing in the sales, then why not let it be this. This particular jumper I found in H&M on Black Friday but there are loads about and it looks just as good with a skirt and boots as it does trainers and jeans. A really great, versatile piece.

3.Butt Lifting Jeans

Talking of jeans…I seem to be suffering post 40 with wide yet flat arse syndrome…not such a great look. But, you can forget spending an arm and a leg on expensive jeans with built in butt lift – I have found a super pair available in varying leg lengths at Next Direct for 27e. With a lovely soft fabric, generous waist and slightly raised pockets on the derriere I do find these to be a nicely flattering fit and delivery is super quick, within 24-48 hrs. Available in several colours too.

4.Reverse Sun Damaged Skin

Do you know, without sounding down on myself, because I’m totally not and feel very thankful for good health and a family etc, but, living in a hot country has been disastrous for my skin. For the first 10 or so years living here, I loved getting a tan and rarely used an spf above 15 on my face and frequently stretched out in the sun sizzling. BIG MISTAKE. A pregnancy later, zooming past my 40th birthday and continual exposure to blue light from a phone and PC, natural very bright daylight 10 months of the year and the remnants of melasma from being pregnant and careless with sunscreen, it is no wonder I have a few skin issues.

While I wouldn’t say that my skin problems were dreadful thankfully, I do look at other people’s skin who live in cooler climates and they definitely look less wrinkled. So, I’m not adverse to the idea of botox ( have you tried this?) but my first attempt at rectifying the brown spots and wrinkles is with a series of repairing treatments. The first thing I am trying is Cicabio 50+cream by Bioderma. Apparently this neat little, slightly green coloured cream is for use after facial operations, laser treatment and things like that but it can also be used to repair damaged skin by the sun. So, at 7e I thought it was worth a try. It has a lovely texture, not too greasy and I think I am seeing improvements after only a few days. Fingers crossed!

5.3 Meals a Day

As you know, I have dieted on and off for years and always, always end up fatter in the long run. Last year I discovered I had rather a lot of gallstones, fat, fair and forty and all that hahahaha! So I had to drastically cut out animal fats and as a result I slowly lost weight and, while I could do with losing another 5kg or so I’m not in any rush to go on a crash diet, here is why.

At the beginning of January last year my husband fell extremely ill with undiagnosed diabetes and ended up in intensive care. It was extremely traumatic and very touch and go in the first few days of him being admitted. However, I’m so proud of how far he has come, fast forward a year, he has changed his lifestyle and eats a good and balanced diet. In return he is fitter and lighter on the scales than he has been in years. To lose weight and keep it off takes time and small changes that fit in with your lifestyle. I recommend things for your house and your lifestyle that I love but truly, in my view, there is nothing more precious than your health and happiness. Having been through this ordeal and then having to keep an eye on my own diet I do think that the kg that you struggle to lose over a week by starving yourself and missing out on a few of life’s wonderful moments shared just isn’t worth it – noone would even notice. If you do anything in 2020, be kind to yourself this new year. Don’t make pointless resolutions, hold yourself to ransom on weight, exercise, achievements and career goals, everyone’s path is different. If you look long and hard enough at who you are, you will probably find that you’re already pretty bloody fabulous anyway X

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