It’s Le Weekend! A little Winter Pick-me-Up, White Leather Trainers and…Farting!

Coucou, c’est moi! How are you settling into this wonderful, freezing cold, rainy pooey weather? It’s so bleugh isn’t it? Ho hum, it’s just weather I suppose. Here are a few things to brighten your weekend…have a good one X

1.Davines Shampoo

So, after my experiment with co-washing a few weeks ago, my fine hair did end up a tad fluffy! I was due a cut and colour at my favourite salon in Angouleme where the colours they use are from natural haircare brand Davines – so this time I invested in some of their shampoo and conditioner to get my tresses back on track too. Ever come across Davines? They are a fab brand, family owned, sustainability, natural ingredients and a commitment to great hair are just a few of their brilliant selling points. It’s nice to know you can colour your hair these days without using harsh ingredients and better still to know that you can maintain the healthy hair glow with products at home to match.

Davines Nounou

My new favourites are Nounou Shampoo and Conditioner and a fabulous volumising mousse call Liquid Spell which is awesome. Go treat yourself!

2.White Leather Trainers, (hell yes!)

Zara White Leather Trainers 49e95

Why is it that just before Christmas when you are supposed to be squirreling away for presents do you always see gorgeous things to buy for yourself! I have of course abstained but as soon as Spring emerges through the bleak dark days I am going to be treating myself to a nice new pair of white leather trainers. I have had a pair this past year from Boden and they were SO comfortable but have the toes scufffed like I’ve been playing in the playground at school hahaha. How does that even happen to grown up shoes? Is it driving? No idea. Anyway, I thought these White Leather Trainers from Zara look quite cheeky with a ruffled tongue?

3.Magnesium and B6 Supplements

Magnesium for stress

Confession time! A couple of times a year I find myself very tired and run down. I’m very energetic in short sharp bursts, problem solving and getting stuck into projects but sometimes I overstretch myself and go pluff in a heap. Over the years my lovely French Dr had prescribed me courses or cures as they call it in French of Magnesium and B6 to give me a little boost. I’m currently on a cure now and already feeling the benefits.

1.Better Sleep

2.More Energy

3.Less Stressed

So, if you so happen to be feeling the same way perhaps ask your Dr or Pharmacist if you could try the same? Do check though as some medicines like blood thinners can react with Magnesium I think.


Oh excuse me! It wasn’t me but my 7 year old. Just a quick heads up to the other Mums out there? Why do 7 year olds guff so much? He even did it in front of the Dr whilst having a flu jab the other day, I mean really?

5.French Fizz

French fizzy wine advice

Are you into having a Prosecco? Is there a reason you walked away from French Fizz? I’ve made many a bad Fizzy wine choice with French wines, some leave you with a disastrous headache. So, I have a couple of hints to get you back in love with French bubbles.

Cremant de Bourgogne

1.Always go No Sulfates, this is ghastly for giving you that blocked up nose thing and then headache the morning after, go organic too if you can.

2.Try a Cremant de Bourgogne or Cremant d’Alsace, I really do find these to be the best over the Saumur varieties.

Chin Chin, have a super weekend X

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